X-Ray and Radio Connections

Santa Fe, New Mexico, 3-6 February 2004

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Proceedings and presentations

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Latest update: 26 Sep 2008 [11:49 MDT]

Here we have collected the contributions that were submitted for the proceedings and the presentations given at the meeting. You have a choice of downloading compressed collections of pdf files (table) or the individual files (further down). The numbers after the ppt and/or pdf (etc) links are the approximate file sizes in MEGA-BYTES. The pdf files should be printable on both Letter and A4 size paper (though we have not been able to test A4 ourselves). For the presentations, the original format is probably best and left as the first option, especially ppt->pdf does not work properly if the ppt contains slides that erase a portion of the slide and then overlaps with other material. Use the link to the original pages to find the old stuff (schedule, abstract book, logistics, pictures, ..).

Please cite an individual article from these proceedings as follows: (e.g., for John Kirk, where the pdf-location between "[..]" is optional)

Kirk, J.G. 2005, in {\em ``X-Ray and Radio Connections''},
eds.\ Sjouwerman, L.O. \& Dyer, K.K., http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/events/xraydio/[meetingcont/1.1_kirk.pdf]
and please cite the full ``X-Ray and Radio Connections'' proceedings as:
\bibitem[Sjouwerman \& Dyer(2005)]{xrrc}
Sjouwerman, L.O. \& Dyer, K.K.\ 2005, {\em ``X-Ray and Radio Connections''},
Published electronically at http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/events/xraydio/

Session      UNIXish            Windows            Size      
      All sessions      xrrc.tgzxrrc.zip26.5 MB
      Particle Acceleration      1_xrrc.tgz1_xrrc.zip0.1 MB
      Colliding Stellar Winds      2_xrrc.tgz2_xrrc.zip2.7 MB
      Massive Star Cluster Outflows      3_xrrc.tgz3_xrrc.zip2.2 MB
      Supernova Remnants      4_xrrc.tgz4_xrrc.zip5.0 MB
      Pulsar Wind Nebulae      5_xrrc.tgz5_xrrc.zip0.8 MB
      X-ray and Radio Observations      6_xrrc.tgz6_xrrc.zip0.2 MB
      Dissipation of Jets      7_xrrc.tgz7_xrrc.zip9.4 MB
      Cluster Mergers      8_xrrc.tgz8_xrrc.zip6.2 MB

Questions can be directed to Loránt Sjouwerman (NRAO) and Kristy Dyer (NRL) at xraydio@aoc.nrao.edu

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