The 35th Annual New Mexico Symposium
21 February 2020 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

We plan to publish the symposium contributions online. The abstracts will be indexed in the SAO/NASA ADS after the meeting.

Proceedings: Abstracts


Juergen Ott Molecular Gas Accretion in the Galactic Center
Yancy Shirley The Virial State of Starless Cores
Samantha Scibelli Detecting Complex Organic Molecules in Starless and Prestellar Cores in the Taurus Molecular Cloud
Ryan Boyden Protoplanetary Disks in the Orion Nebula Cluster: Gas Disk Morphologies and Kinematics as seen with ALMA
Yaping Li Understanding dust growth and sub-structures in protoplanetary disks
Jodi Berdis Europa's Observed Surface Water Ice Crystallinity Inconsistent with Thermophysical and Particle Flux Modeling
Savin Shynu Varghese Studying Meteor Radio Afterglows with the Long Wavelength Array and the Widefield Persistent Train camera
Luis Henry Quiroga Nunez Chasing the Galactic structure using VLBI and Gaia
Tyler Cohen Predicting the performance of future pulsar timing arrays using population synthesis
Deven Bhakta JAGWAR follow up for Gravitational Wave Counterparts
Seth Bruzewski Probing Unassociated Gamma-Ray Sources in the 4FGL Catalog
Joyce A. Guzik Modeling Pulsations of Cepheid Variables using the Open-Source MESA Code
Michelle Creech-Eakman MRO Interferometer: Prelude to First Fringes
Barry Clark Calibrating Polarization with Linear Polarized Feeds
Paul Arendt Jets from paramagnetic electrons in superstrong fields
Lerato Sebokolodi Sub-kpc Magnetic Field Fluctuations around Cygnus A
Craig Anderson Early science from the POSSUM survey: Shocks, turbulence, and a massive extended reservoir of baryons in the Fornax cluster
Kelly Sanderson Mapping the Kinematics of the Cosmic Web at z~3.2
Bryson Stemock Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Fundamental CGM and IGM Physics
Kayla Mitchell Measuring Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization with POLARBEAR
Daniel Jacobs Hunt for the 21cm signature of Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionization: a decade in review
Christopher DiLullo Using the Long Wavelength Array to Search for Cosmic Dawn
Caitlin Doughty Evolution of neutral oxygen during the Epoch of Reionization
Jiahe Si New Mexico αω Liquid Sodium Dynamo Experiment: An Experiment to understand the magnetohydrodynamic amplification of magnetic field in the Accretion Disk
Patrick Kilian Detecting the Particle Acceleration Mechanism in Relativistic Reconnection
Peter Bloser Experimental Gamma-Ray Astronomy at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Katie Chapman Los Alamos National Laboratory's Contributions to the LOX Mission Concept
Anna D. Kapinska EMU: The Evolutionary Map of the Universe survey
Aleczander Herczeg Convective Blueshift and Systematic Errors in Solar Meridional Flow
Laurel Farris Flare-induced 3-minute oscillatory power in the chromosphere
Sarah Kovac Auroral Emission in the Venusian Atmosphere During Solar Minimum
Harrison Bradley Exploration of Jupiter Brightness Temperature Anomalies
Marialis Rosario-Franco Searching for Exomoons in Low Frequencies Using the Long Wavelength Array
Dana K. Baylis-Aguirre Line Dancing of CO2 in Mira Atmospheres
Tatiana Magalí Rodríguez A highly collimated flow from a high-mass protostar
Brian Svoboda A systematic VLA+GBT survey of the most massive 70um dark clumps within 5 kpc
James Lilly Characterizing Physical Properties of Hierarchical Structure in Star-Forming Regions
Samantha Andrews The Role of Hydrogen Cyanide in Probing Densities in the Taurus Star Forming Region
Maria Galloway-Sprietsma Study of Deuterated Ammonia in the Cepheus Star-Forming Region L1251
Emmanuel Momjian Discovery of the Zeeman Effect in the 25 GHz Class I Methanol Maser Line
Tierra Candelaria Extended Hot Gas in the Galactic Center
Lorant Sjouwerman BAaDE: the Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamical Evolution survey
Brandon Medina A Statistical Approach to Distance Calculations for BAaDE Sources
Megan Lewis Carbon and Oxygen-rich stars in the BAaDE survey
David Palmore Searching for Hidden Black Holes in APOGEE-2
Joan Wrobel Limits on Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in 19 Massive Globular Clusters
Jacqueline Hernandez WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE | Classifying Dying Radio Galaxy J2241.3-1625 with Radio Spectral Modeling
Farhanul Hasan DEAD VULTURES: The nature and evolution of the weakest CIV absorbers in quasar spectra
Audrey Dijeau The Search for More Low Redshift Lyman Alpha Nebulae
Monica Sanchez Barrantes Prediction and Detection of High-Mass galaxies in CHILES
Juergen Ott CARTA: Cube Analysis and Rendering Tool for Astronomy
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