The 31st Annual New Mexico Symposium
  6 November 2015 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

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9:00-9:05Welcome Mark McKinnon (NRAO)
Session 1 — Chair: Amy Mioduszewski (NRAO)
9:05-9:20The BAaDE/ALMA 86 GHz SiO maser survey in the Galactic BulgeLorant Sjouwerman (NRAO)
9:20-9:35Ammonia and Methanol Observations in SNRs using the GBT and VLABridget McEwen
9:35-9:50Determining Ages of APOGEE Giants with Known DistancesDiane Feuillet (NMSU)
9:50-10:05Inside-Out Planet Formation Jonathan Tan (U. of Florida)
10:05-10:45 Break and PostersCommon Room
Session 2 — Chair: Brandon Wiggins (LANL/BYU)
10:45-11:00Target-of-Opportunity Characterization of Sub-200 meter Asteroids William Ryan (NMT)
11:00-11:15Solar Physics with Low Frequency Pulsar ObservationsKevin Stovall (UNM)
11:15-11:30Comparison of F10.7 and Coronal EUV Emission using DEMs Sam Schonfeld (NMSU)
11:30-11:45HF and VHF Radio Emission from Meteor Trails Kenneth Obenberger (AFRL)
11:45-12:00The Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS): Status, Plans, and Opportunities Steven Myers (NRAO)
12:00-1:30 Lunch
Session 3 — Chair: Chris Hales (NRAO)
1:30-1:45Exploring dwarf galaxy evolution around Milky Way mass galaxiesKenza Arraki (NMSU)
1:45-2:00Our astrochemical heritagePaola Caselli (MPE)
2:00-2:15 ALMA Observations: the Evolution of ISM Mass in Galaxies at z = 1 to 6Nick Scoville (Caltech)
2:15-2:30The Simulated Circumgalactic MediumJacob Vander Vliet (NMSU)
2:30-2:45LOFAR Imaging of the Low Surface Brightness Radio Lobes of NGC 3998Kristina Nyland (ASTRON/NRAO)
2:45-3:00The Relative Proper Motion the Virgo Cluster Galaxies M87 and M84 Craig Walker (NRAO)
3:00-3:45Break and PostersCommon Room
Session 4 — Chair: Sam Schonfeld (NMSU)
3:45-4:00Science with the Next Generation VLAJuergen Ott (NRAO)
4:00-4:15The Expanded Long Wavelength Array (eLWA)Greg Taylor (UNM)
4:15-4:30Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: New Path to First Light Michelle Creech-Eakman (NMT)
4:30-4:45New Mexico Dynamo Experiment: an Experiment to Demonstrate αω-dynamos in Accretion DisksJiahe Si (NMT)
4:45-5:00SWAN: NGC 253's Nucleated Star Burst and EnvironmentMark Gorski (UNM/NRAO)
5:00-5:15A Survey for Dual Megamasers: Statistics and Preliminary TrendsBrandon Wiggins (LANL/BYU)
5:30-7:30Cocktails and Dinner Macey Center
7:30-8:30Jansky Lecture: Nick Scoville - Star and Planet Formation through Cosmic TimeWorkman 101

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