The 31st Annual New Mexico Symposium
  6 November 2015 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

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Poster Program:
Title Authors
1.Pulsar Supraluminal Excitation in Supernova Disruption John Middleditch (LANL/T-2), John Singleton (LANL/MPA-CMMS), Andrea C. Schmidt (LANL/AET-2) and Arzhang Ardavan (Oxford)
2. FRBs: We are realfast! Sarah Burke-Spolaor (NRAO)
3.A flexible real-time pulsar processing system for the VLAPaul Demorest (NRAO)
4.Photometric Studies of Rapidly Spinning Decommissioned GEO SatellitesEileen Ryan (NMT/MRO)
5.Flux density calibration of compact low frequency aperture arrays Frank Schinzel (UNM)
6. Wide-Band Off-Axis Polarization Effects Preshanth Jagannathan (NRAO/UCT)
7.New VLA Observations of Massive Protostars: A Search for Jets Viviana Rosero (NMT), Peter Hofner (NMT) and Mark Claussen (NRAO)
8. SWAG: Survey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic CenterJuergen Ott (NRAO), David Meier (NMT) and Betsy Mills (NRAO)
9.Long Wavelength Observations of Thermal Emission from Pluto and Charon with ALMA Bryan Butler (NRAO), Mark Gurwell (CfA) and Emmanuel Lellouch (Meudon)
10.The search for atmospheric waves below the clouds of Jupiter using radio wavelength observations Richard Cosentino (NMT)
11.The Arecibo Zone of Avoidance Survey T.P. McIntyre and Trish Henning (UNM)
12.CHILES Con Pol: An ultra-deep radio survey in COSMOSChris Hales (NRAO) and the CHILES Con Pol Collaboration
13.Fractal dimension of gas contours in Local Group galaxiesLorraine Bowman (NMT)

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