31st Annual New Mexico Symposium


Anderson, KurtNMSU
Arraki, KenzaNMSUExploring dwarf galaxy evolution around Milky Way mass galaxies (t)
Bansal, KarishmaUNM
Baylis, DanaNew Mexico Tech
Bowman, LorraineNew Mexico TechFractal dimension of gas contours in Local Group galaxies (p)
Butler, BryanNRAOLong wavelength Observations of Thermal Emission from Pluto and Charon with ALMA (p)
Caselli, PaolaMax-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial PhysicsOur astrochemical heritage (t)
Chandler, ClaireNRAO
Clark, BarryNRAO
Claussen, MarkNRAO
Colgate, ArtNMT
Cosentino, RickNew Mexico TechThe search for atmospheric waves below the clouds of Jupiter using radio wavelength observations (p)
Crane, PatrickRetired
Creech-Eakman, MichelleNew Mexico Tech/MROMagdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer - New Path to First Light (t)
Demorest, PaulNRAO
Dhawan, VivekNRAO
Dickel, HeleneUNM
Dickel, JohnUNM
Dowell, JoyceUNM
Durand, StevenNRAO
Farrell, JohnLANL (Retired)
Feuillet, DianeNMSUDeterming Ages of APOGEE Giants with Known Distances (t)
Finley, DaveNRAO
Gorski, MarkNRAO/UNMSWAN: NGC 253's Nucleated Star Burst and Environment (t)
Greisen, EricNRAO
Gueth, TinaNew Mexico Tech
Hales, ChrisNRAOCHILES Con Pol:  An ultra-deep radio survey in COSMOS (p)
Hall, AgnarNMSU
Hankins, TimNRAO/New Mexico Tech
Havlen, BobASP/NRAO Retired
Henning, TrishUNMThe Arecibo Zone of Avoidance Survey (p)
Hofner, PeterNew Mexico Tech
Jagannathan, PreshanthNRAO/UCTWide-Band Off-Axis Polarization Effects (p)
Jones, GarethNew Mexico Tech
Matthews, JohnUNM
McEwen, BridgetUNM/NRAOAmmonia and Methanol Observations in SNRs using the GBT and VLA (t)
McKinnon, MarkNRAO
Meier, DavidNew Mexico Tech
Middleditch, JohnT-2, LANLPulsar Supraluminal Excitation in Supernova Disruption (p)
Mioduszewski, AmyNRAO
Morales-Juberias, RaulNMT
Myers, StevenNRAOThe Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS): Status, Plans, and Opportunities (t)
Napier, PeterNRAO (Emeritus)
Nyland, KristinaASTRON/NRAOLOFAR Imaging of the Low Surface Brightness Radio Lobes of NGC 3998 (t)
Obenberger, KennethAFRLHF and VHF Radio Emission from Meteor Trails (t)
Ott, JuergenNRAOSWAG: Survey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic Center (p)
Perley, RickNRAO
Rand, RichardUNM
Romero, VanNew Mexico Tech
Romney, JonNRAO
Rosero, VivianaNMT/NRAONew VLA Observations of Massive Protostars: A Search for Jets (p)
Ryan, EileenNMT/MROPhotometric Studies of Rapidly Spinning Decommissioned GEO Satellites (p)
Ryan, WilliamNew Mexico TechTarget-of-Opportunity Characterization of Sub-200 meter Asteroids (t)
Salcido, JoseNRAO
Sanchez, MonicaUNM
Schinzel, FrankUNMFlux density calibration of compact low frequency aperture arrays (p)
Schmidt, AndreaUNM
Schmidt, RichardUNM
Schonfeld, SamNMSUComparison of F10.7 and Coronal EUV Emission using DEMs (t)
Scoville, NickCaltechALMA Observations - The Evolution of ISM Mass in Galaxies at Z=126 (t)
Si, JiaheNew Mexico TechNew Mexico Dynamo Experiment: an Experiment to Demonstrate α & #969; - dynamos in Accretion Disks (t)
Sjouwerman, LorantNRAOThe BAaDE/ALMA 86 GHz SiO maser survey in the Galactic Bulge (t)
Sowinski, KenNRAO
Spolaor, SarahNRAOFRBs: We are realfast! (p)
Stovall, KevinUNMSolar Physics with Low Frequency Pulsar Observations (t)
Stroh, MichaelUNM
Tan, JonathanUniversity of FloridaInside-Out Planet Formation (t)
Taylor, GregUNMThe Expanded Long Wavelength Array (eLWA) (t)
Vander Vliet, JacobNMSUThe Simulated Circumgalactic Medium (t)
Walker, CraigNRAOThe Relative Proper Motion the Virgo Cluster Galaxies M87 and M84 (t)
Westpfahl, DaveNMT
White, StephenAFRL
Wiggins, BrandonLANL/Brigham Young UniversityA Survey for Dual Megamasers:  Statistics and Preliminary Trends (t)
Young, LisaNMT