NRAO Real-time Programmers Meeting


This meeting was held from April 12-14 1999 at the Array Operations Center (AOC) in Socorro NM, and at the VLA site. An original agenda is available, as is the original participant list, both in PDF format.

The following presentations were made:

Issues and Alternatives for Real-Time Systems (Wells) (PDF)

Green Bank OVLBI Control Software (D'Addario)

Comparison of Three Space VLBI Tracking Station Real-Time Control Systems (Langston) (HTML)

High Speed Internet (Hunt) (HTML)

A Survey of Available Fieldbuses (Brooks) (HTML, PDF)

VLBA Correlator Control System (Blachman)

Correlator Backend Data Flow (Rowen)

A Generic Correlator API (B. Clark) (PDF)

VLBA Antenna System (Heald) (HTML)

The "Master Monitor" for the GBT Active Surface (Shelton) (HTML, PDF)

Real-Time Linux (Yodaiken) (PDF)

Experiences with RT-Linux and its use in Telescope Control (Folkers)

RTOS Survey (Ford) (PDF)

QNX and telescope control: the JACARA GMOUNT system (Brooks) (HTML, PDF)

Hardware and Software Interactions at Sacramento Peak (Stauffer)

Compact PCI (Somes) (HTML, PDF)

Compact PCI Products (Vanosdol)

The importance of data tagging for debugging real-time backend systems (Granados)

Industry Pack Modules in Real Time Systems (Waddel)

AIPS++ in a Near-Real-Time Environment (Cornwell)

Design Decisions for the GBT M&C System (M. Clark) (HTML) (Survey)

The NRAO 12Meter Control System; A Brief Overview (Folkers)

C++ and Real-Time Programming (Glendenning) (HTML, PDF)

Common C++ Development for the Desktop and Embedded Application (Pisano) (HTML, PDF)

Engineering Programming in a Microsoft Environment (Effland) (HTML, PDF)

Philosophical Remarks on Radio Telescope Control Systems (D'Addario)

The Network is the Control System (Brandt)

Java-based Real-Time Monitor Displays (Scott) (HTML, PDF)

Multi-threaded Windows NT Programming (Creager)

The New Standard Interface Board Library for GBT M&C (Hoyle) (HTML)

The New GBI Control System (Ford) (Presentation (PDF), Paper (PDF))

An Introduction to EPICS (Dalesio) (HTML, PDF)

The Old VLA (Sowinski)

The New VLA (Sowinski)

The OVRO Control System (Scott) (HTML, PDF)

Some End-to-End Data Flows for the VLA & VLA Upgrade (Sahr)