EVLA WIDAR Correlator Face-to-Face Meeting
11-12 December 2007
Socorro, NM

Please send your talks to Lori Appel (lappel@nrao.edu; 505/835-7310).

Agenda (pdf)


Time Topic Presenters PPT PDF
Tuesday 11dec07
8:30- 8:45am Opening Remarks M. McKinnon
8:45- 9:00am WIDAR Schedule & Schedule Recovery P. Dewdney PPT PDF
9:40- 9:55am Station Board D. Fort PPT PDF
9:55-10:25am Baseline Board and Correlator Chip B. Carlson PPT PDF
10:25-10:45am RXP Chip B. Carlson PPT PDF
11:00-11:15am Racks, cables, etc. B. Carlson PPT PDF
11:15-11:30am 8-bit and 3-bit Samplers M. Revnell/S. Durand PPT PDF
1:00- 1:15pm PTC Definition & Timescale P. Dewdney PPT PDF
1:15- 1:55pm Pre-OTS PTC Tests in Penticton B. Carlson PPT PDF
S. Vrcic PPT PDF
1:55- 2:25pm PTC Setup at the VLA Site B. Carlson/D. Gerrard/G. Stanzione PPT PDF
2:45- 3:35pm Critical PTC "OTS" Tests M. Rupen/B. Carlson/M. Revnell PPT PDF
4:00- 5:00pm PTC Software Overview S. Vrcic/B. Carlson/P. Dewdney PPT PDF
Wednesday 12dec07
8:00- 8:30am Test Builder & Test Executor B. Carlson/S. Vrcic PPT PDF
8:30- 9:30am MCCC Issues S. Vrcic PPT PDF
9:30- 9:45am CMIB User-level Software P. Whiteis PPT PDF
9:45-10:00am CMIB Supervisory-level Software B. Rowen PPT PDF
10:35-11:05am Correlator Backend M. Pokorny PDF
11:20-11:40am SSS Interactions D. Harland PPT PDF
1:00- 1:20pm MCAF R. Moeser PPT PDF
1:20- 1:50pm Archives B. Butler/J. Benson PPT PDF
1:50- 2:20pm Data Examination and Checking Software B. Carlson/K. Ryan PPT PDF
3:05- 3:25pm Interactions with ALMA M. Rupen PPT PDF
3:25- 3:45pm Binary Data Format M. Pokorny PDF
3:45- 4:00pm Science Data Model M. Rupen/R. Moeser PPT PDF
4:30- 5:00pm Old Action Items M. McKinnon PDF


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