CASA Tutorials

All tutorials will use a pre-release candidate of CASA 3.4. For all tutorials in the NRAO building, start CASA like casapy-stable the CASA viewer like casaviewer-stable and plotms like casaplotms-stable. At the New Mexico Tech bulidings use casapy, casaviewer and casaplotms.

Jansky VLA:
EVLA high frequency spectral line tutorial IRC+10216
EVLA Continuum Mosaic 3C391 part 1 - part 2: Advanced Topics
JVLA Wide-band Wide-field SNR G55

Sumulating Observations in CASA
ALMA Primer (pdf)

ALMA Band7 Spectral Line Mosaic: Antennae Galaxy Merger
ALMA Spectral Line TW Hydra
Amy Kimball's talk about calibrating ALMA data: PPT, PDF

CASA Documentation

The CASA documentation on the CASA homepage is for the current CASA 3.3 release. For some tasks, this may be outdated and you may want to use the links below that refer to the prerelease CASA 3.4 version that we use for the tutorials.

CASA Task Reference Manual
CASA Toolkit Reference Manual
CASA 3.4 Cookbook (pdf)
CASA 3.4 Cookbook (html)