Do not use on-line or 1-800 numbers to make your reservations

The 1-800 numbers and on-line services do not have 'local' motel blocks listed in their systems. When making a reservations on-line or the 1-800 number, the block will not be listed and the attendee will not get the reservation rate we have contracted with the local motels. Therefore you should the local motel directly and ask for the "NRAO Summer School". The country code for the USA is +1, you do not have to speak to the "contact person".

The blocks are for reservations from May 28 through June 6 and will expire on May 14. I.e., make your reservations before May 14th.


Howard Johnson Inn
phone number: 575-835-0276
contact person: DJ
$45.00/night plus tax (45 single and 15 double rooms)

Econo Lodge
phone number: 575-835-1500
contact person: Richard Torres
$65.00/night plus tax (50 rooms)

Best Western
phone number: 575-838-0556
contact person: Joe Ruiz
$77.00 plus tax, single occupancy (15 king* and 15 queen** rooms)
$10.00 per additional person per room.

Holiday Inn Express
phone number: 575-838-4600
contact person: Julia Chavez
$82.00 plus tax (8 king* and 2 queen** rooms)

* king room: one king-sized bed.
** queen room: two queen-sized beds.

We must have your hotel/motel information for you to use the NRAO transportation inside Socorro.

Please fill out this form once you have made a motel reservation. Transportation will be provided to and from the workshop every day and will pick up from the motels with blocked rooms. If you reserve at another motel you can walk to one of these locations, but be careful to reserve motels on the north side of Socorro.

Roomate Forum

A sub-forum called "Synthesis Imaging Workshop" has been set up on the NRAO Science Forums under "Internal Discussions" for students to discuss topics relevant to the workshop. This forum is private (accessible only by logging in) therefore you must register at to access it. After you have registered you can find the sub-forum at

A topic has been started for who want to find roommates to defer motel costs. Feel free to use the forum for other topics related to the Synthesis Imaging Workshop.