Data Reduction Tutorials

Tutorial room(s)† tutors‡
Friday June 1st
ALMA Line and Continuum (CASA): High frequency (~350GHz) spectroscopy of nearby T Tauri star TW Hydra, image the CO(3-2) line and HCO+(4-3) line. auditorium & public workstations Adam Leroy, Robin Pulliam, Nuria Marcelino, Amy Kimball, Mark Lacy, Crystal Brogan, Tony Remijan, Todd Hunter, Kumar Golap
VLA Polarization Continuum (CASA): Polarimetry of the Supernova Remnant 3C391 at 4 and 7 GHz Weir 128 & Speare 4 Steve Myers, George Moellenbrock, Josh Marvil, Claire Chandler, Laura Chomiuk, Cornelia Lang.
VLA Spectroscopy (CASA): 36 GHz observations of several lines in AGB star IRC+10216 Speare 23 Juergen Ott, Gustaaf Van Moorsel, Deb Shepherd
VLBA Spectroscopy (AIPS): 24 GHz observation of water masers in star-forming region IRAS 00420+5530 Speare 116 Mark Claussen, Vivek Dhawan, Eric Greisen (for the first hour)
Tuesday June 5th
ALMA Mosaicking Line and Contiuum (CASA): Mosaicking of 350GHZ observation of the Antennae interacting galaxy pair Speare 4 & Speare 116 Adam Leroy, Crystal Brogan Robin Pulliam, Nuria Marcelino, Amy Kimball, Mark Lacy, Todd Hunter, Kumar Golap
VLA Wide Bandwidth Continuum (CASA): Imaging supernova remnant G55.7+3.4 with a 1 GHz bandwidth at low frequency (1-2 GHz), including multi-scale, multi-frequency synthesis and wide-field cleaning Auditorium Urvashi Rau, Josh Marvil, Gustaaf Van Moorsel, Sanjay Bhatnagar
Low frequency tutorial: LWA imaging/beamforming observations and VLA low frequency public & summer student workstations Greg Taylor and Co.
Astrometry (AIPS): Geodetic-like calibration of astrometry observation of young star T TauSb to improve astrometry and quality of the image Weir 128 Craig Walker, Lorant Sjouwerman, Amy Mioduszewski (for the first hour)
VLA Mosaicking Continuum (CASA): Mosaicking and self-calibration on 3C391 data set AOC offices Steve Myers, George Moellenbrock, Juergen Ott
VLA Spectroscopy (AIPS): 36 GHz observations of several lines in AGB star IRC+10216 Speare 23 Miller Goss, Eric Griesen
† This is the preliminary plan for the rooms. They may change depending on testing.
‡ Primary tutor in bold, developer in red.

Lunch, DSOC tours and workshop photograph

We will be providing lunch on the days of the tutorials. The lunches will take place on the lawn near the DSOC. We cannot handle the whole 150 at once so we will eat in 2 shifts. Each group will be told when to come over to eat at either 12:00 or 1:00.

On June 1 during lunch we will be taking the workshop photo. This will take place at 1:00.
On June 5 during lunch there will be a tour of the DSOC at 12:00 and 1:00.

Observation Prep Tutorials

There will be an VLA Observation Prep Tutorial using the OPT/RCT on May 31 and an ALMA Observation Prep Tutorial on June 4, using the OT and sim_observe and sim_analyse in CASA.

As with the Data Reduction Tutorials we will be using the auditorium and NMT classrooms.

VLA OPT/RCT tutorial:

Auditorium - 46 people
  • Leader: Michael Rupen
  • Deb Shepherd
  • Laura Chomiuk
  • Amy Mioduszewski (if needed)
Speare 4 - 34 people
  • Leader: Gustaaf Van Moorsel
  • Heidi Medlin
  • Bryan Butler
Speare 23 - 36 people
  • Leader: Lorant Sjouwerman
  • Nirupam Roy
  • Kristina Nyland
Weir 128 - 18 people
  • Leader: Claire Chandler
  • Josh Marvil
Weir 209 - 18 people
  • Leader: Mark Claussen
  • Betsy Mills

ALMA OT/sim_observe tutorial:

Auditorium - 23 people
  • Leader: Robin Pulliam
  • Steve Myers
Speare 4 - 34 people
  • Leader: Crystal Brogen
  • Amy Kimball
  • Betsy Mills
Speare 23 - 36 people
  • Leader: Adam Leroy
  • Arielle Moullet
  • Amy Mioduszewski (if needed)
Speare 116 - 22 people
  • Leader: Mark Lacy
  • Juergen Ott
Weir 128 - 18 people
  • Leader: Nuria Marcelino
  • Jeff Kern
Weir 209 - 18 people
  • Leader: Todd Hunter
  • Nuria Lorente

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If you have any questions please contact Amy Mioduszewski.
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