The 29th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  17 January 2014 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

9:00-9:05Welcome Claire Chandler (NRAO)
Session 1 — Chair: Amy Mioduszewski
9:05-9:20Lightning InterferometryMichael Stock (NMT)
9:20-9:35A-F star puzzles as revealed by the NASA Kepler spacecraft Joyce Ann Guzik (LANL)
9:35-9:50Chemical Cartography with SDSS-III/APOGEEJon Holtzman (NMSU)
9:50-10:05Pulsar Observations Using the First Station of the Long Wavelength ArrayKevin Stovall (UNM)
10:05-10:20Generating Buoyant Magnetic Loops in Solar-like Dynamos Nicholas Nelson (LANL)
10:20-11:15 Break and Posterscommon room
Session 2 — Chair: Joyce Guzik (LANL)
11:15-11:30The Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer -- A Status Update and Plans for 2014 Michelle Creech-Eakman (NMT/MRO)
11:30-11:45Plans for Unprecedented Imaging of Stellar Surfaces with the NPOI Anders M. Jorgensen (NMT)
11:45-12:00How accurately do our imaging algorithms reconstruct intensities and spectral indices of weak sources?Urvashi Rau (NRAO)
12:00-1:30 Lunch
Session 3 — Chair: Greg Taylor (UNM)
1:30-1:45The formation of planetesimals in proto-planetary disks, observed with the Jansky VLA Claire Chandler (NRAO)
1:45-2:00The JVLA Deep Sky Survey: Finding the First Cosmic ExplosionsBrandon K. Wiggins (BYU)
2:00-2:15Effects of baryon removal on the structure of dwarf spheroidal galaxiesKenza Arraki (NMSU)
2:15-2:30Structure and Evolution of a Dwarf Galaxy's Circumgalactic MediumJacob Vander Vliet (NMSU)
2:30-2:45New Insights on a Nearby AGN-Driven Molecular Outflow from Recent VLA and VLBA ObservationsKristina Nyland (NMT)
2:45-3:00F00183-711: An AGN dominated ULIRGMinnie Y Mao (NRAO)
3:00-3:45Break and Posterscommon room
Session 4 — Chair: Minnie Mao (NRAO)
3:45-4:00CHILES: the COSMOS HI Large Extragalactic SurveyJacqueline van Gorkom (Columbia U.)
4:00-4:15Probing galaxy evolution, dark energy, and cosmic magnetism with a deep 1000 hour Jansky VLA surveyChris Hales (NRAO)
4:15-4:30Does Environment Matter? A Lesson from the Coma SuperclusterMin S. Yun (UMass)
4:30-4:45A Study of the Cold Gas and Stellar Populations of the Antlia Cluster with KAT-7 and WISEKelley M. Hess (U. of Cape Town)
4:45-5:00To Stack or Not to Stack: Spectral Energy Distribution Properties of Lya-Emitting Galaxies at z=2.1Carlos J. Vargas (NMSU)
5:00-5:15The Karl G. Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS)Steven T. Myers (NRAO)
5:30-7:30Cocktails and Dinner Macey Center
7:30-8:30Jansky Lecture: Measuring the Cosmos Workman 101