29th Annual New Mexico Symposium

2014 January 17


Paul ArendtNMT
Kenza ArrakiNMSUEffects of baryon removal on the structure of dwarf spheroidal galaxies (T)
Sanjay BhatnagarNRAO
Lorraine BowmanNMTPower law structure of the interstellar medium: Fractal dimension of the HI, CO and mid-IR in nearby galaxies (P)
Chad BustardLANL
Bryan ButlerNRAO
Chris CarilliNRAO
Claire ChandlerNRAOThe Formation of planetesimals in proto-planetary disks, observed with the Jansky VLA (T)
Barry ClarkNRAO
Mark ClaussenNRAO
Richard CosentinoNMTMechanistic Generation of Atmospheric Oscillations in Gas Giant Planets (P)
Partick CraneNMT
Edward CrawfordUW-Ret
Michelle Creech-EakmanNMT/MROThe Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer--A Status Update and Plans for 2014 (T)
Vivek DhawanNRAO
Helene DickelUNM
John DickelUNM
Vincent DovydaitisASLC
Jayce DowellUNM
Jessica DowellIndiana University
Leanne DuffyLANLPhenomenology of Superfluid Dark Matter (P)
Tarraneh EftekhariUNM
Jean EilekNMT
John Farrell
LANL (ret)

Allen FarrisNMT
Ximena FernandezColunbia University
Dave FinleyNRAO
Hansung GimUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
Miller GossNRAO
Brandon GrayNMT
Eric GreisenNRAO
Xiaoyue GuanLANLRelativistic MHD Simulations of Poynting-Flux Driven Jets (P)
Joyce Ann GuzikLANLA-F star puzzles as revealed by the NASA Kepler spacecraft (T)
Chris HalesNRAOProbing galaxy evolution, dark energy, and cosmic magnetism with a deep 1000 hour Jansky VLA Survey (T)
Tim HankinsNMT/NRAO
Trish HenningUNM
Kelley M. HessUniversity of Cape TownA Study of the Cold Gas and Stellar Populations of the Antlia Cluster with KAT-7 and WISE (T)
Jon HoltzmanNMSUChemical Cartography with SDSS-III/APOGEE (T)
Peter HofnerNMT
Lucas HuntWest Virginia
Huib IntemaNRAOThe New VLA Low-Band System (P)
Preshanth JagannathanUniversity of CalgaryAlignments of Radio Sources in the GMRT ELAIS N1 Deep Field (P)
Gareth JonesNMT
Anders M. JorgensenNMTPlans for Unprecedented Imaging of Stellar Surfaces with the NPOI (T)
Roger KoppLANL (ret)
Philipp P. KronbergLANL/University of Toronto
Natasha MaddoxUniveristy of Cape Town
Minnie Y. MaoNRAOF00183-711: An AGN dominated ULIRG (T)
Josh MarvilNMT
John MiddleditchPulsar Supralumianl Excitation -the Near Field (P)
Amy MioduszewskiNRAO
Emmanuel MomjianNRAO
Raul Morales-JuberiasNMT
Steven T. MyersNRAOThe Karl G. Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS) (T)
Travis McIntyreUNM
Peter NapierNRAO (ret)
Nicholas NelsonLANLGenerating Buoyant Magnetic Loops in Solar-like Dynamos (T)
Kristina NylandNMTNew Insights on a Nearby AGN-Driven Molecular Outflow form Recent VLA and VLBA Observations (T)
Juergen OttNRAO
Frazer OwenNRAO
Patrick PalmerUniversity of Chicago
Ifan PayneMRO
Rick PerleyNRAO
Charee PetersWisconsin-Madison
Ylva PihlstromUNMMethanol masers in Galactic Center region supernova remnants (P)
Richard RandUNM
Urvashi RauNRAOHow accurately do our imaging algorithms reconstruct intensities and spectral indices of weak sources? (T)
Van RomeroNMT
Jonathan RomneyNRAO
Viviana RoseroNMT
Michael RupenNRAO
Jeff SaulUNM
Frank SchinzelUNMMonitoring of Cyg A and Cas A flux densities below 100 MHz (P)
Andrea SchmidtLANL
Luke SchmidtMagdalena Ridge Observatory
Susan SimkinNSU/NRAO
Lorant SjouwermanNRAO
Kenneth SowinskiNRAO
Michael StockNMTLighting Interferometry (T)
Kevin StovallUNMPulsar Observations Using the First Station of the Long Wavelenght Array (T)
Greg TaylorUNM
Douglas TodyNRAO
Jacqueline van GorkomColumbia UniversityCHILES, the COSMOS HI Large Extragalactic Survey (T)
Gustaaf van MoorselNRAO
Jacob Vander VlietNMSUStructure and Evolution of a Dwarf Galaxy's Circumgalactic Medium (T)
Carlos J. VargasNMSUTo Stack or Not to Stack: Spectral Energy Distribution Properties of Lya-Emitting Galaxies at z=2.1 (T)
Joy Watnik SaulUNM
David WestpfahlNMT
Mallory WhiteNMT
Stephen WhiteUSAF
Brandon K. WigginsBrigham Young UniversityThe JVLA Deep Sky Survey: Finding the First Cosmic Explosions (T)
Min S. YunUniversity of MassachusettsDoes Environment Matter? A Lesson from the Coma Supercluster (T)