The 28th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  30 November 2012 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

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9:00-9:05Welcome Dale Frail (NRAO)
9:05-9:20An Investigation of Long Baseline Temperature Variations in the Upper Stratosphere of Neptune via Stellar Occultation EventsKyle Uckert (NMSU)
9:20-9:35Near-Earth Asteroid Pole Directions from Radar Speckle TrackingMichael Busch (NRAO)
9:35-9:50Physical Characterization Studies of Near-Earth Object Spacecraft Mission Targets Eileen Ryan (NMT/MRO)
9:50-10:05The LCROSS Ejecta Plume Revealed: First Characterization from Earth-based ImagingCharles Miller (NMSU)
10:05-10:20Update on the Magdalena Ridge Observatory InterferometerMichelle Creech-Eakman (NMT/MRO)
10:20-11:00 Break and Posterscommon room
11:00-12:00Jansky Lecture:The Structure and Dynamics of the Milky Way from the BeSSeL Survey Mark Reid (SAO)
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-1:45Projects at NMSU Working with APOGEEDiane Feuillet (NMSU)
1:45-2:00Tearing the Veil-EVLA Observations of the HI Environment of the Orion NebulaMiller Goss (NRAO)
2:00-2:15Formation of super star clusters by triggeringYasuo Fukui (Nagoya University)
2:15-2:30VLBI and Archival VLA and WSRT Observations of the GRB 030329 Radio AfterglowRobert Mesler (UNM)
2:30-2:45MAGIICAT II. General Characteristics of the MgII Absorbing Circumgalactic MediumNikole Nielsen (NMSU)
2:45-3:00The importance of spectroscopic redshifts for next-generation radio surveysMinnie Mao (NRAO)
3:00-3:15An Update of the Megamaser Cosmology ProjectFeng Gao (NRAO)
3:15-3:55Break and Posterscommon room
3:55-4:10Effects of Baryon Removal on the Structure of Dwarf SpheroidalsKenza Arraki (NMSU)
4:10-4:25Is M82 the same as Cen A?Jean Eilek (NMT/NRAO)
4:25-4:40Preliminary Results from Wideband VLBA Polarimetric Observations of Gamma-ray Bright BlazarsJustin Linford (UNM)
4:40-4:55Connecting Radio to Gamma-Ray Emission in Blazars Using Common Emission PatternsFrank Schinzel (UNM)
4:55-5:10Evidence for Highly Relativistic Velocities on Kiloparsec Scales in the Jet of the Quasar 3C345David Roberts (Brandeis University)
5:10-5:25VLBA Detection of Compact Emission in the AGN-Driven Star Formation Quenching Candidate NGC 1266Kristina Nyland (NMT)
5:30-7:30Cocktails and Dinner Macey Center
7:30-8:30Public Jansky Lecture: Measuring the Cosmos Workman 101

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