The 28th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  30 November 2012 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Posters will be displayed in the SOC Common Room, located on the upper floor at the head of the main staircase. Breaks in the oral program will provide plenty of time for viewing the posters; refreshments will be served in the Common Room during the breaks to induce participants to walk upstairs and look at the posters.

  • Posters 1-12 will have mounting spaces 4 feet wide by 5.5 feet high.
  • Posters 13-15 will have mounting spaces 5 feet wide by 4 feet high.

Click here for the poster abstracts.

Poster Program:

Title Authors
1.Physical and Chemical Conditions in Centaurus A Mark McCoy, David Meier (NMT), Juergen Ott (NRAO)
2.An ALMA and ATCA Molecular Line Survey toward Centaurus A Juergen Ott, Alison Peck, Violette Impellizzeri (NRAO), David Meier, Mark McCoy (NMT), Sebastien Muller, Susanne Aalto (Onsala), Fabian Walter (MPIA), Christian Henkel (MPIfR), Sergio Martin (ESO), Paul van der Werf (Leiden), Iiana Feain (CSIRO)
3.The Circumgalactic Environment of Cen A: Deep Radio, Ultraviolet, and H_alpha Observations. S. G. Neff(NASA/GSFC), J. A. Eilek (NMT/NRAO), F.N. Owen (NRAO)
4.The HALOGAS Project: HI Observations of NGC 4062 Mark Gorski, Rich Rand (UNM)
5.VLA Discovery of a Flat-Spectrum Radio Nucleus in NGC 3115 Joan Wrobel (NRAO) and Kristina Nyland (NMT)
6.Cold Accretion Flows and Galactic Winds and their Effects on Galaxy Evolution Nigel Mathes, Christopher Churchill (NMSU), Glenn Kacprzak (Swinburne University of Technology)
7.CHILES: Cosmos HI Large EVLA Survey E. Momjian (NRAO), J. van Gorkom, X. Fernandez (U. Columbia), K. Hess (U. Cape Town), D.J. Pisano (U. West Virginia), T. Oosterloo(ASTRON), Marc Verheijen(U. Groningen), A. Popping (ICRAR), K. Kreckel(MPIA), L. Chomiuk (Michican State), Trish Henning(UNM), and the CHILES collaboration
8.Metallicity Distribution Functions for Three Local Group Dwarf Galaxies Teresa Ross (NMSU)
9.From Gas to Stars and from Stars to Gas: Dwarf Galaxy Evolution with VLA-ANGST" Juergen Ott (NRAO), Steven Warren (UMD), Adrienne Stilp (UW), Evan Skillman (UMN), Julianne Dalcanton (UW), Fabian Walter (MPIA), W. J. G. de Blok (ASTRON), Baerbel Koribalski (CSIRO), Andrew West (BU)
10.From Gas to Stars in Energetic Environments: Dense Gas Clumps in the 30Doradus Region C.N. Anderson, D.S.Meier (NMT), J.Ott (NRAO), A.Hughes (MPI), T.Wong (Univ. of Illinois)
11.Shocks in the Galactic Central Molecular Zone Juergen Ott (NRAO), Michael Burton (UNSW), Paul Jones (UNSW), David Meier (NMT)
12.Low Frequency Radio Transients and Limits on GRB Prompt Radio Emission Kenneth Obenberger, Greg Taylor (UNM), Jake Hartman (JPL)
13.Variable Red Supergiant's: Solar-like Oscillations at Ultra-low Frequencies? Jean McKeever, Jason Jackievixz, Patrick Gaulme (NMSU)
14.Closing the loop on the MROI Tyler McCracken, Alisa Shtromber, Michelle Creech-Eakman (NMT/MRO),Andres Olivares, Chris Salcido, Colby Jurgenson, Fernando Santoro (MRO), David Buscher,John Young, Chris Haniff (Cambridge)
15.Software and Computing at LWA 1 Jayce Dowell (UNM)

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