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          For a complete list of printers available to a UNIX host, look here.

          For a complete list of printers available to a Windows host, select "Start", "Run",
             type in either "\\aocpfsa" or "\\vlapfsa" and click return.

          These are the Instructions for adding network printers in Windows.

Printer Description Model Type Dup Manual Trans Remarks
  aoc175c   AOC 175   Xerox Phaser 8400DX   Color     Yes      Yes     Yes    (1) see footnote 
  aoc213   AOC 213   HP LaserJet 9040   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    
  aoc213c   AOC 213   Xerox Phaser 8550DX   Color     Yes      Yes     Yes    
  aoc324   AOC 324   HP LaserJet 9040   B/W   Yes    Yes   Yes  
  aoc324c   AOC 324   Xerox Phaser 8550DX   Color     Yes      Yes     Yes    
  aoc324w   AOC 324   HP Designjet Z6200ps   Color    No      No    No    Posters
  cbprint     VLA CB by mailboxes     HP LaserJet 4500   Color      No       No      No    
  psalmalab     AOC 138   HP LaserJet 5000DN   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    (1) see footnote 
  pselec   AOC 175   HP LaserJet 9040   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    (1) see footnote 
  psfiscal   AOC West 112   HP LaserJet 8150DN   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    
  pspurch   AOC West 121   HP LaserJet 4050N   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    
  psv1   AOC 269   HP LaserJet 8000DN   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    
  pswest   Near AOC 298   HP LaserJet 8000DN   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    
  tsprint   VLA Tech Services   Lexmark C510N   Color      No      No      No    
  vlacryo   Cryo Lab   HP LaserJet 1320N   B/W    No      Yes    No    
  vlafolab   VLA Fiber Optics Lab   HP LaserJet 5100N   B/W    No      Yes    No    
  vlahpd   VLA CB Operations   HP LaserJet 4000TN   B/W   Yes    Yes    No    
  vlaservo   Servo Shop   HP LaserJet 1320N   B/W    No      Yes    No    

          (1) In Windows, this printer has both a PS and a PCL driver. The PCL driver has a '2' on the end of the printer
              name, e.g., \\aocpfsa\pselec2, and this PCL driver should be used to print PDF files.

Content reviewed on: 09-May-2012
Reviewed by: K. Scott Rowe