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The Cisco 2511-RJ access servers connect asynchronous serial devices to LANs and WANs.  The access servers combine the functions of a terminal server, protocol translator, and a router, and perform both synchronous and asynchronous routing of supported protocols.

There are four Cisco 2511 access servers installed, two at the AOC and two at the VLA site. The two at the AOC are EQUATE, which has been our dial in modem server for some time now and AOCSERVER which has directly connected AOC terminals and the VLBA MIKE modems that are used to communicate with the SmartSwitches located at the VLBA sites. The servers are networked devices that can be accessed via a terminal, a workstation, PC, or a modem. Terminals are directly connected to the servers and a <return> will bring up the USERNAME prompt. After entering your username, the PASSWORD prompt appears. Enter your password. Telnet to any server from a workstation or PC window also brings up the prompts. Username and password are also required for dial in connections.

At the server prompt you may log into a computer by using telnet or rlogin. These commands can be abbreviated to just the first two letters. To connect to a system, just type rl machinename <return> or te machinename <return>.

The servers allow multiple telnet or rlogin sessions to the same machine or different machines. To toggle between different sessions, press BREAK on most dumb terminals and CTRL^ (control-shift-6) followed by the letter x if you are using a workstation or PC. On some terminals BREAK may not work, use the latter escape sequence. These escape sequences return to your server prompt (ex. aocserver>). Use the show sessions command (abbreviated sh ses) to find what sessions you have. They will be numbered 1 through n with as asterix indicating your latest session. You may end any session by typing disconnect (session number) at the ___server> prompt. For example, if you have 6 sessions running on aocserver and wish to end session number 4, type: aocserver>disc 4 <return>. You'll see a message that reads Closing connection to machinename confirm. Type y at this prompt, anything else will NOT disconnect you from that session.

When you have finished using the server, type exit, lo, logout, or quit to exit. If you exit the server without logging off all your sessions, they will be terminated for you, but it is safer to ensure that you have logged them all off properly first in case you left something running somewhere.

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