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Windows Loaner Laptops Usage


In order to have a working Windows login on the AOC loaner laptops during travel, the user should have a NRAO Windows account and should log in with this account while connected to the AOC network before travel. This creates a locally cached profile on the laptop which can then be used even when not connected to the NRAO network. Also, this new login on the laptop will require some software such as Microsoft Office and Ghostview to be configured once while connected to the NRAO network. To configure Office, run it from the Programs menu and then follow on-screen instructions until the configuration process has completed.

All user data should be kept under C:\Users\ on the loaner laptop.

Note: all Windows user accounts and data will be deleted upon return of the loaner laptop to the Computer Division.

Modem Connections:  Dial-in Access to NRAO.

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