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There are two Dell Laptops available for staff to use on trips.   An additional Dell Laptop is available for staff and visitors to use while giving presentations at the AOC.   To guarantee having a laptop when needed, it is best to reserve a laptop well in advance of a planned need.   Contact the Help Desk in AOC Room 262 to reserve one.


1. Loaner 1 and Loaner 2 laptops are available for work-related travel for a maximum of two weeks. Since there are only two laptops available for travel, the main use during this loan period has to be work-related. The laptops cannot be checked out for home use. The In-House Laptop should remain at the AOC for staff and visitor presentations.

2. AIPS has been installed on all the laptops. Other data processing packages are not currently supported, however. The main intended use for the laptops is word processing, spreadsheets, overhead generations, and communications (e-mail, Web).

3. After signing out for a laptop, make sure that you contact the helpdesk to verify that you can login to the laptop in either Windows, Linux, or both.

4. It is expected that the user will take proper care of the laptop and keep it under close supervision at all times. The machine should be handled with care, avoiding drops and shocks, and also avoiding excessive heat, cold, humidity, and dusty conditions. Also, there is an elevation limit; locations like the ALMA site are above this limit!

5. Support while on the road is limited and we prefer no changes or modifications made to system settings and parameters.

6. The laptop needs to be returned on the first workday following the return to Socorro.

7. After returning the laptop, all user data will be deleted. It is therefore the user's responsibility to back up or copy all files prior to returning the laptop. Procedures to quickly off-load personal files will be provided.

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