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Printer options in CUPS

There are many options available in the average CUPS printer driver. A list of the standard options usable on most printers can be found here.

Printer Instances

CUPS provides for printer instances. This allows us to define variants on printer names of the form "[name]/[instance]" that include a particular set of options for that printer.

For example, we have defined an instance dup for psnet that prints duplex (two sided). One could use this with:

lpr -P psnet/dup filename

We have already defined certain printer instances. Go here for a list of printers. Predefined instances are listed in the description field of each printer. You can also get a list of all printer instances with the command lpstat -a.

In general the following instances are defined for a printer when the printer supports it:

Instance Use
/2up print two pages on each page
/dup print duplex (two-sided)
/glossy print on glossy paper
/manual print from manual feed tray
/trans print on transparencies

You can define your own printer instances but this is hazardous. Defining your own printer instance causes any subsequent changes made to the global printer instances to be ignored (on a user by user basis). If you find you have need for other printer instances we suggest you talk to us about creating a global printer instance rather than creating one for yourself.

Other Documentation

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