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Linux Instructions


Account Usage

In order to have a working Linux login on the AOC loaner laptops during travel, the user should have an NRAO UNIX account and see the HelpDesk in AOC Room 262 to get an account on the laptop non-networked use.


All three laptops have black Cisco Wireless cards to be used with wireless networking. They also each have a modem card.

There is a world writable directory in /home/<hostname>, please store information there.

Steps to start modem connection:

  • Boot linux with the Modem Card installed
  • Log in with the local account has been provided you
  • Start the dailing program by typing kppp
  • Select proper connect to entry, currently only AOC or 1-800
  • Enter your account name and passwd
  • Click on Connect

The modem should now begin dialing. Connection and TCP/IP configuration is automated from this point.

Modem Connections:  Dial-in Access to NRAO.

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