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for Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA)

Steven T. Myers

NRAO, Socorro

Last update: 27 May 2009

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NOTE: We have changed the versions at the AOC and in CV for testing. Testers are recommended to use either the latest Beta release casapy or casapy-test. The latter replaces the daily in that it has been specially selected to be stable, and is updated regularly.

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Steve Myers currently organizes the NAUG meetings.

The group currently consists of: Walter Brisken, Crystal Brogan, Claire Chandler, Mark Claussen, Ed Fomalont, John Hibbard, Steve Myers, Frazer Owen, Michael Rupen, Debra Shepherd, Jim Ulvestad, Gustaaf van Moorsel, David Whysong

Others are welcome to attend!

An email exploder aips2-naug has been set up.