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I am now a student at Fuller Seminary in the Masters of Divinity program. My goal is to become ordained in the United Methodist Church and then to help build schools in science and mathematics in Africa.
Formerly, I was an astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 1003 Lopezville Rd., Socorro, New Mexico 87801 USA
email: dshepher(at) or dshepher(at)
I worked in South Africa on the MeerKAT project (SKA precursor) from Oct 2008 to Dec 2011, on secondment from NRAO Socorro:
SKA South Africa - The Karoo Array Telescope (MeerKAT)
I worked on the ALMA project as North American deputy for the Computing Integrated Product Team (CIPT) from about 2003 to 2008
ALMA photos taken on 14 May 2004:
alma.Base.Area.jpg   A photo of the ALMA base area. The living quarters are on the far right. Dining and office space are behind that. On the far left is the contractor camp. This picture is taken from above the camp, looking over the salt lake where San Pedro is located.
almaSite.jpg   A photo of the ALMA site - red flags mark future locations of antenna pads.
alma.AntennaSite.jpg   Another photo of the ALMA site. People and trucks are located at the future center of the array.
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