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 by     Ramana  Athreya

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Panoramic Views

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Eaglenest pass Sunderview valley from Eaglenest pass Sessa peak from Eaglenest
Eaglenest Pass from near the Sunderview camp. The slope on the right edge of the image climbs up to the Sessa Peak. Looking south from the Eagle- nest Pass down the Sunderview valley
Sessa peak from Eaglenest
Western ridge montage western ridge peak
A panoramic view of the western ridges of Eaglenest from  above Bompu. Bhutan lies just beyond the last ridge.
Central section of the w. ridges  - pristine pathless wilderness!
Hathi nala ridge Assam plains from Eaglenest
The Hathi nallah ridge behind Sessni  -  from just below Bompu
The foothills fade away into the haze of the Assam plains. Sessni is  at the near end of the visible road,  Khellong  just beyond the main ridge, and Doimara in the broad river valley


Vegetation Types

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What makes Eaglenest a prime birding area is the proximity of roadside scrub to primary forest  just a few metres away. Regeneration passes through various stages including banana and bamboo, i.e. if elephants allow the banana and bamboo to pass unmolested!
Bompu-Sessni road 1800m

Bompu-Sessni road   -   1800m
Bompu-Sessni road 1600m Below Eaglenest pass Chakoo-Bompu road
Bompu - Sessni road   -    1600m Below Eaglenest Pass   -   2600m
Chakoo - Bompu road  -  2400m
Bhooth kolai Elephant diner Bompu bamboo
Bhooth kolai    -    2300m  Elephant dining room
Bamboo stands at Bompu


Canopy Views

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canopy below Bompu
canopy 2 - below Bompu Two views of the canopy in the subtropical forest below Bompu at 1500m

Western Ridge montage This montage of 3 images shows progressively closer views of the subtropical forest at 2200m on the hillslope to the right. The hills look smooth not only on distant views - the canopy presents a closed front even from up close.
closer view of canopy closest view of canopy Eaglenest is perhaps the only extensive stretch of montane forest which is pristine and yet has a road passing through it - and this is true across 3000m of altitude!

Eaglenest Pass canopy This temperate forest canopy at 2700-3200m, just off the road at Eaglenest Pass, would do any tea-garden proud, presenting as it does an unbroken surface from top to bottom!



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Sunderview Camp
The Sunderview GREF campsite
Located at 2465m this site has lots of camping area, water brought from a nearby stream through bamboo pipes and a concrete structure which can shelter 2-3 people. This shack is typical of the shacks at other locations in Eaglenest. The bamboo huts sprinkled around the area used to house the large workforce upgrading the road. Further work on the road, started by the army without approval of the Forest Dept, has been stayed by the Supreme Court pending a final judgment. 
Sessni campsite
View from the Sessni Campsite
Sessni, at 1250m, overlooks a vast bay in the hills and is situated in the midst of excellent upper-tropical forest.
Khellong ridge
View from Khellong
Situated at 750m just below the sanctuary boundary Khellong is ideal as a base for the entire lower reaches of the park from Doimara to Sessni.

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13 March 2005
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