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The Radio Synoptic Square Kilometer Array (RSKA)

A US-SKA mid-frequency concept

Last update: 23 January 2009

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ASTRO2010 Decadal Activities

There are a number of Science White Papers and Project Proposals being written for the US decadal review process. Stay tuned for details. See the Astro2010 Website for more information on this Byzantine process.

Great Surveys of Astronomy Workshop Nov 20-22 2008 Santa Fe NM

NEW: The Great Surveys of Astronomy Workshop was held 20-22 November 2008 at the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, NM. This meeting brought together the community to talk about common issues such as scientific goals, survey strategy, telescope and information technology, follow-up observations, coordination of multi-wavelength resources, theoretical frameworks, simulations, data management, data products, and other cross-cutting problems or solutions. To summarize the spirit of the meeting: "This meeting will bring together the key workers in the field to exchange ideas, and identify areas of cooperation, complementarity, and coordination between surveys and with the greater astronomical community." The vision is for a future where a variety of surveys and follow-up programs are underway and flourishing. NOTE: there is a reception at the hotel on the evening of 19 November, so you may want to arrange your travel accordingly.
For more information:
This meeting is sponsored by the Astrophysics and Cosmology Center (ACCent) of the Institute for Advanced Studies at LANL.

The next generation of radio arrays are being designed under the umbrella of the "Square Kilometer Array" project. The leading concept for a "mid-frequency" (0.3-10 GHz) SKA is the Radio Synoptic Square Kilometer Array (RSSKA), which realizes the SKA as a Radio Synoptic Survey Telescope (RSST). This concept is being developed for presentation to the upcoming Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey. The RSSKA is targeted at obtaining HI observations of a billion galaxies out to redshift z=1.5 over 10000 square degrees, and synoptic mapping of the radio sky for transient detection and monitoring.

This website contains links to a number of documents that might be useful in the planning of the SKA-RSST proposal to the Decadal Review and for background to the physics and astronomy community on this proposed project. This site is in no way endorsed (that I know of) by the International or US SKA projects.


RSST Documents
DateAuthorsTitle ReferenceDownload
2008-07-17 S.T. Myers Cosmology with the RSSKA Talk at the 2008 Santa Fe Cosmology Workshop PDF (18.3MB)
PPT (10.7MB)
2008-05-17 S.T. Myers Surveying the Cosmic Web with the RSSKA Talk at The Cosmic Web (Socorro) PDF (17.9MB)
PPT (17.0MB)
2008-02-02 S.T. Myers The RSST: A SKA mid-frequency concept Talk at Evolution of Galaxies in the HI Window (Arecibo) PDF (4.3MB)
PPT (4.4MB)
2007-12-06 S.T. Myers The RSST: A mid-frequency SKA concept Talk at Cosmic Cartography (Chicago) PDF (18.6MB)
PPT (14.6MB)
2007-12-04 R. Schilizzi et al. DRAFT Preliminary Specifications for the Square Kilometer Array SKA document PDF (2.5MB)
2007-11-13 S.T. Myers The Next Generation of Radio Interferometers: Principles, Challenges, and Plans for the RSST LANL Talk PDF (4.1MB)
PPT (23.3MB)
2007-09-14 S.T. Myers The Radio Synoptic Survey Telescope (RSST) Chicago-3 Talk PDF (238KB)
PPT (1.2MB)
2007-09-10 S.T. Myers White Paper on a Radio Synoptic Survey Telescope (RSST) Chicago-3 Whitepaper text
2005-06-15 C.A. Blake et al. Dark Energy Experiments with the Square Kilometer Array DETF Whitepaper PDF (216KB)

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