16-18 December 2008, Socorro, New Mexico, USA

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Reception at the Macey Center 1800 - 2000 MST

Pick-up Registration Materials and Put Up Posters at DSOC 1800 - 2030 MST

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

0730 - 0830 Shuttles from Hotels to DSOC

0830 - 0900 Gathering - Pick up Materials - Put up Posters - Continental Breakfast

0900 - 1030 Session Chair: Min Yun

Opening: Fred Lo (5 minutes)

Announcements: (5 minutes)

Michael Rupen: Surveying Cosmic Time with the WIDAR Correlator (25 minutes)

Emmanuel Momjian: EVLA Science Below 1200 MHz (15 minutes)

Gas In and Around Galaxies

Dusan Keres: Growth of Galaxies in Cosmological Simulations (30 minutes)

1020 - 1050 Coffee Break

1050 - 1230 Session Chair: Jacqueline van Gorkom

J. Xavier Prochaska: Non-Evolution of HI Disks (20 minutes)

Hsiao-Wen Chen: Extended Gas Around Galaxies (20 minutes)

Nissim Kanekar: Probing Galaxy Evolution Through Absorption Spectroscopy (20 minutes)

John Stocke: Connecting Galaxies to the Cosmic Web (20 minutes)

Lawrence Rudnick: Pushing into the WHIM (20 minutes)

1230 - 1400 Lunch and Posters

Gas In and Around Galaxies (continued)

1400 - 1530 Session Chair: David Helfand

Aeree Chung: HI Stripping and the Aftermath in Virgo and Beyond (15 minutes)

Hugh Crowl: Gas stripping and Its Effect on the Stellar Populations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies (15 minutes)

Eric Murphy: Intracluster Shocking of the ISM in Virgo Spirals; Modified Far-Infrared--Radio Relations (15 minutes)

Jeff Kenney: Collisional ISM Heating in Ellipticals: The Case of M86 (15 minutes)

Brian Kent: New Gas-Rich Detections Toward the Virgo Cluster (15 minutes)

Luca Cortese: Why Do Nearby Spirals Migrate from the Blue to the Red Sequence ? (15 minutes)

1530 - 1600 Tea and Posters

Prelude to HI Deep Fields
1600 - 1715 Session Chair: Eric Wilcots

Marc Verheijen: Deep HI Volumes at z=0.2 and Beyond (WSRT and EVLA) (15 minutes)

Barbara Catinella: HI Observations of Gas-Rich Galaxies at Redshift z~0.2 (15 minutes)

Jessica Rosenberg: Using the E-VLA to Extend Studies of Baryons in the Local Universe to Higher Redshift (15 minutes)

Tom Oosterloo: What We Can Learn and How We Should Do It (15 minutes)

Joe Lazio: A Synoptic Survey Via an HI Deep Field (15 minutes)

1715 - 1800 Form Break-Out Groups to Discuss Future Science with the EVLA

1810 - 1910 Shuttles from DSOC to Hotels

2000 - ? Discussion about HI Deep Fields for interested people

Discussion Leader Eric Wilcots

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

0730 - 0830 Shuttles from Hotels to DSOC

0830 - 0900 Gathering - Continental Breakfast

0900 - 1030 Session Chair: Sean Dougherty

Rick Perley: EVLA... The Hardware (25 min)

Tom Muxlow: eMERLIN+EVLA: nJy Sensitivity at 50 mas Resolution (20 minutes)


Jim Condon: Deeper Knowledge Through Confusion (20 minutes)

Frazer Owen: The Microjansky Radio Population and the Radio-FIR Relation as a Function of z (20 minutes)

1030 - 1100 Coffee Break

1100 - 1230 Session Chair: Lincoln Greenhill

Ken Kellermann: Microjansky Radio sources, AGN or Star Formation (20 minutes)

Vernesa Smolcic: The VLA COSMOS Survey: a Radio View of the Cosmic History of Star-Forming and AGN Galaxies (20 minutes)

Min Yun: Tracing Cosmic AGN and Star Formation through Deep and Wide Surveys at IR, mm/submm and Radio Wavelengths (20 minutes)

George Miley: Studying Distant Powerful Radio Galaxies with the EVLA (20 minutes)

1230 - 1400 Lunch and Posters

Surveys (continued)

1400 - 1445 Session Chair: Joe Mohr

Franz Bauer: Constraints On the Faint Radio Source Population From X-ray Stacking (15 minutes)

Russ Taylor: The Deep Polarization Sky (15 minutes)

J.-P. Macquart: The Redshift Dependence of Intra-Day Variability: Turbulence in the IGM, or Evolution in Quasar Jet Beaming at z>2 (15 minutes)

1500 - 1600 Poster Marathon with some breaks...

1600 - 1630 Tea and Posters

1630 - 1800 Session Chair: Rogier Windhorst

Discussion: Results of Break-Out Sessions; How to do Surveys, When, What, and How

1800 + Conference Dinner at Macey Center

2000 - 2100 Shuttles from Macey Center to Hotels

Thursday, December 18, 2008

0730 - 0830 Shuttles from Hotels to DSOC

0830 - 0900 Gathering - Continental Breakfast

Star Formation and AGN

0900 - 1030 Session Chair: Amy Barger

Yuexing Li: Galaxies and Quasars in the Epoch of Reionization (20 minutes)

Desika Naranayan: The Evolution of the MBH-Mstar Relation in Submillimeter Galaxies and Quasars from z=2-6 (20 minutes)

Art Wolfe: Direct Detection of a Magnetic Field at z=0.7 (20 minutes)

Emanuele Daddi: Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Disk Galaxies at z=1.5 (20 minutes)

1030 - 1100 Coffee Break

1100 - 1240 Session Chair: Karl Menten

Dominik Riechers: New Era of Molecular Line Studies in the Early Universe: Galaxies with (E)VLA (20 minutes)

Chris Willott: Using JWST Spectroscopy of EVLA Radio Sources to Probe Accretion, Star Formation and Galaxy Assembly over Cosmic Time (20 minutes)

Jeremy Darling: A Formaldehyde Deep Field with the EVLA: a Powerful New Probe of Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology (20 minutes)

Maurillio Pannella: Star Formation Rate Properties of z~2 Galaxies: At the Dawn of Downsizing (20 minutes)

Yu Gao: Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxies Near and Far (20 minutes)

1240 - 1400 Lunch and Posters

Star Formation and AGN (continued)

1400 - 1530 Session Chair: Stuart Vogel

Karl Menten: Extragalactic Absorption - The Promise of the EVLA (20 minutes)

Josh Younger: The Physical Scale of the Far-Infrared Emission in the Most Luminous Sequence (15 minutes)

Andreea Petric: Molecular Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies (15 minutes)

Mark Krumholz: Atomic and Molecular Gas in Galaxies (20 minutes)

Juergen Ott: Star Formation History and ISM Feedback in Nearby Galaxies (20 minutes)

1530 - 1600 Tea and Posters

1600 - 1630 Conference Summary... What are the Big Questions and How Will We Address Them ? --- Chris Carilli and Jacqueline van Gorkom

1645 - 1745 Shuttles from DSOC to Hotels

Poster Titles

1. Laura Chomiuk How Does Radio Continuum of Star-Forming Galaxies Depend on Host Galaxy Properties ?
2. Emily Freeland Bent Double Radio Sources as Probes of Intergalactic Gas
3. Katie Chynoweth Do Galaxy Interactions Generate High Velocity Clouds?
4. Jennifer Donovan Studying the HI and Ultraviolet Properties of the Local Early Type Galaxy Population
5. Jim Ulvestad EVLA Capabilities for Observing Galaxies Containing Super-Star Clusters
6. Bruce Partridge VLA Spectra of a High-Frequency Selected Sample of Radio Galaxies
7. Amy Kimball A Multi-Wavelength Catalog of Radio Sources Detected NVSS, FIRST, WENSS, GB6, and SDSS
8. Kathryn Stanonik HI Imaging of Void Galaxies
9. Kristine Spekkens Modelling Extra-Planar HI in NGC 6503: Distinguishing Feedback from Accretion
10. David Ballantyne Obscuring Active Galactic Nuclei with Nuclear Starburst Disks
11. David Bowen QSO Absorption Lines from QSOs
12. Benjamin Zeiger Observing High Redshift Starbursts With Formaldehyde
13. Vinu Vikram Evolution of Cluster Galaxies Since z ~ 0.9
14. Manuel Aravena Properties of the Molecular Gas in a Starbursting QSO in the COSMOS Field
15. Joan Wrobel Local Analogs of the First Active Galactic Nuclei: GH 10
16. Rogier Windhorst tbd
17. Katie Caleida Mapping the Recent Star Formation History of the Disk of M51
18. Hwi Kim Resolved Stellar Populations of the Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxy, CGCG 269-049
19. Christian Henkel Extragalactic Ammonia
20. Jochen Heidt The Nature of the Radio Sources in the FORS Deep Field
21. Ian McGreer Radio-Selected Quasars from FIRST and SDSS
22. Shane Bussmann The Multi-wavelength Properties of z~2 Dust Obscured Galaxies
23. Carol Lonsdale MAMBO 1.2mm Observations of Spitzer-selected massive ULIRGs at z~2
24. Roland Kothes The Rolling Motions in Extragalactic Spiral Arms: Real or Imaginary ?

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