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  1. ``HD 271791: an extreme supernova run-away B star escaping from the Galaxy''
    Norbert Przybilla, M. Fernanda Nieva, Ulrich Heber and Keith Butler (
    Paper: ApJ, 684, L103 [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Nov 5 05:31:18 MST 2008 )

  2. ``A Catalog of 24 micron Sources Toward the Galactic Center''
    J. L. Hinz, G. H. Rieke, F. Yusef-Zadeh, J. Hewitt, Z. Balog, M. Block (
    Paper: ApJS, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Nov 11 13:50:25 MST 2008 )

  3. ``Red giant stellar collisions in the Galactic Centre''
    James. E. Dale, Melvyn B. Davies, Ross P. Church, Marc Freitag (
    Paper: MNRAS, 2008, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Nov 21 06:41:59 MST 2008 )

  4. ``The chemical abundances in the Galactic Centre from the atmospheres of Red Supergiants''
    Ben Davies, Livia Origlia, Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, Don F. Figer, R. Michael Rich, Francisco Najarro (
    Paper: ApJ Nov 2008, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Mon Nov 24 06:25:27 MST 2008 )

  5. ``Obtaining the diffusion coefficient for cosmic ray propagation in the Galactic Centre Ridge through time-dependent simulations of their gamma -ray emission''
    Stavros Dimitrakoudis, Apostolos Mastichiadis, Athanasios Geranios (
    Paper: Astropart. Phys., 2008, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Dec 4 10:16:51 MST 2008 )

  6. ``A New Secular Instability of Eccentric Stellar Disks Around Supermassive Black Holes,, with Application to the Galactic center''
    Ann-Marie Madigan, Yuri Levin and Clovis Hopman (
    Paper: ApJL, submitted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Dec 19 07:04:36 MST 2008 )

  7. ``On compact super-massive objects without event horizon''
    L. Verozub (
    Paper: Il Nouvo Cimento, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Sun Dec 21 08:38:30 MST 2008 )

  8. ``The Galactic Center 50-km s-1 Molecular Cloud with An Expanding Shell''
    Masato Tsuboi, Atsushi Miyazaki, Sachiko K. Okumura (
    Paper: PASJ Feb 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Jan 6 20:08:38 MST 2009 )

  9. ``Simulations of the formation of stellar discs in the Galactic centre via cloud-cloud collisions''
    Paper: MNRAS, Jan 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Wed Jan 7 12:07:32 MST 2009 )

  10. ``Radio Recombination Lines toward the Galactic Center Lobe''
    C. J. Law, D. Backer, F. Yusef-Zadeh, R. Maddalena (
    Paper: ApJ accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Tue Jan 13 13:13:16 MST 2009 )

  11. ``Jet-lag in Sgr A*: What size and timing measurements tell us about the central black hole in the Milky Way''
    Heino Falcke, Sera Markoff, Geoffrey C. Bower (
    Paper: A&A, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jan 23 10:43:07 MST 2009 )

  12. ``A New Supernova Remnant Candidate and an Associated Outflow in the Sagittarius C Region''
    Takeshi Go Tsuru , Masayoshi Nobukawa , Hiroshi Nakajima , Hironori Matsumoto , Katsuji Koyama , Shigeo Yamauchi (
    Paper: PASJ, Jan 2009 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Feb 10 16:54:18 MST 2009 )

  13. ``A power-law break in the near-infrared power spectrum, of the Galactic center black hole''
    L. Meyer , T. Do , A. Ghez , M. R. Morris , S. Yelda R. Schödel A. Eckart (
    Paper: ApJ Letters, accepted [Abstract, Tex] (Sat Feb 14 17:09:54 MST 2009 )

  14. ``CO in OH/IR stars close to the Galactic centre''
    A. Winnberg & S. Deguchi & M.J. Reid & J. Nakashima & H. Olofsson & H.J. Habing (
    Paper: A&A, Feb 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Feb 16 17:21:32 MST 2009 )

  15. ``Interstellar Extinction Law toward the Galactic Center III : J, H, KS bands in the 2MASS and the MKO systems, and 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0 micron in the Spitzer/IRAC system''
    Shogo Nishiyama, Motohide Tamura, Hirofumi Hatano, Daisuke Kato, Toshihiko Tanabe, Koji Sugitani, and Tetsuya Nagata (
    Paper: ApJ, accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Feb 20 01:15:57 MST 2009 )

  16. ``The nuclear star cluster of the Milky Way: Proper motions and mass''
    R. Schödel & D. Merritt & A. Eckart (
    Paper: A&A, Mar 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Mar 6 08:12:22 MST 2009 )

  17. ``Suzaku Observation Adjacent to the South End of the Radio Arc''
    Ryosuke Fukuoka, Katsuji Koyama, Syukyo G. Ryu, and Takeshi Go Tsuru (
    Paper: PASJ, Mar 2009, inpress [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Mar 11 08:47:26 MDT 2009 )

  18. ``Interstellar extinction and long-period variables in the Galactic centre''
    M. Schultheis, K. Sellgren, S. Ramírez, S. Stolovy, S. Ganesh, I.S. Glass and L. Girardi (
    Paper: A&A 495, 157 [Abstract, Tex] (Mon Mar 16 06:43:10 MDT 2009 )

  19. ``Dynamical evolution of the young stars in the Galactic center: N-body simulations of the S-stars''
    Hagai B. Perets , Alessia Gualandris , Gabor Kupi , David Merritt , Tal Alexander (
    Paper: ApJ, submitted [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Mar 18 05:37:46 MDT 2009 )

  20. ``The warped young stellar disc in the Galactic centre''
    L. Subr J. Schovancová , P. Kroupa (
    Paper: A&A, 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Sun Mar 22 14:09:42 MDT 2009 )

  21. ``Gas infall towards Sgr A* from the clumpy circumnuclear disk''
    María Montero-Castaño , Robeson M. Herrnstein and Paul T.P. Ho (
    Paper: Apj, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Sun Mar 22 19:24:44 MDT 2009 )

  22. ``Evidence for X-ray synchrotron emission from simultaneous mid-IR to X-ray observations of a strong Sgr A* flare''
    K. Dodds-Eden , D. Porquet , G. Trap , E. Quataert , X. Haubois , S. Gillessen , N. Grosso , E. Pantin , H. Falcke , D. Rouan , R. Genzel , G. Hasinger , A. Goldwurm , F. Yusef-Zadeh , Y. Clenet , S. Trippe , P.-O. Lagage , H. Bartko , F. Eisenhauer , T. Ott , T. Paumard , G. Perrin , F. Yuan , T.K. Fritz , L. Mascetti (
    Paper: ApJ, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Mar 23 06:59:23 MDT 2009 )

  23. ``Tidal effects on small bodies by massive black holes''
    Uros Kostic & Andrej Cadez & Massimo Calvani & Andreja Gomboc (
    Paper: A&A, 496, 307-315 (2009) [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Mar 24 08:43:45 MDT 2009 )

  24. ``Composition of the galactic center star cluster Population analysis from adaptive optics narrow band spectral energy distributions''
    R. M. Buchholz & R. Schödel & A. Eckart (
    Paper: A&A, 2009, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Mar 26 10:31:51 MDT 2009 )

  25. ``Dynamics of Ionized Gas at the Galactic Center:, VLA Observations of the 3D Velocity Field and Location of the Ionized Streams in Sagittarius A West''
    Jun-Hui Zhao Mark R. Morris W. M. Goss Tao An (
    Paper: ApJ, Apr 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Apr 24 09:40:24 MDT 2009 )

  26. ``Images of the radiatively inefficient accretion flow surrounding a Kerr black hole: application in Sgr A*''
    Ye-Fei Yuan, Xinwu Cao, Lei Huang, Zhi-Qiang Shen (
    Paper: ApJ, April 2009, accepted [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Apr 28 10:14:44 MDT 2009 )

  27. ``Detecting Flaring Structures in Sagittarius A* with High-Frequency VLBI''
    Sheperd S. Doeleman, Vincent L. Fish, Avery E. Broderick, Abraham Loeb, Alan E. E. Rogers (
    Paper: ApJ, 2009, 695, 59 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue May 5 07:10:04 MDT 2009 )

  28. ``HII regions, infrared dark molecular clouds and the local geometry of the Milky Way's nuclear star-forming ring''
    H. S. Liszt (
    Paper: A&A, submitted 9 May 2009 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon May 18 07:56:49 MDT 2009 )

  29. ``Star Formation in the Central 400 pc of the Milky Way: Evidence for a Population of Massive YSOs''
    Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Hewitt, J.; Arendt, R. G.; Whitney, B.; Rieke, G.; Wardle, M.; Hinz, J. L.; Stolovy, S.; Lang, C. C.; Burton, M. G. and Ramirez, S. (
    Paper: ApJ, May 2009 [Abstract, Tex] (Mon May 18 07:59:52 MDT 2009 )

  30. ``Characteristics of the Galaxy according to Cepheids''
    D. J. Majaess, D. G. Turner and D. J. Lane (
    Paper: MNRAS, May 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue May 19 05:33:07 MDT 2009 )

  31. ``Simultaneous H.E.S.S. and Chandra observations of Sgr A* during an X-ray flare''
    F. Aharonian and 154 other authors (
    Paper: A&A, 492, L25 [Abstract, Tex] (Thu Jun 4 05:40:51 MDT 2009 )

  32. ``On the number of young stellar discs in the Galactic Centre''
    Ulf Löckmann and Holger Baumgardt (
    Paper: MNRAS, 394, 1841-1846, 2009 [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jun 5 09:41:21 MDT 2009 )

  33. ``Influence of a stellar cusp on the dynamics of young stellar discs and the origin of the S-stars in the Galactic Centre''
    Ulf Löckmann, Holger Baumgardt, and Pavel Kroupa (
    Paper: MNRAS, 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Jun 5 09:54:38 MDT 2009 )

  34. ``LUNASKA Experiment Observational Limits on UHE Neutrinos from Centaurus A and the Galactic Center''
    C. W. James1,*, R. J. Protheroe, R. D. Ekers, J. Alvarez-Muñiz, R. A. McFadden, C. J. Phillips, P. Roberts, J. D. Bray (
    Paper: [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Jun 24 04:42:58 MDT 2009 )

  35. ``On the dissolution of star clusters in the Galactic centre. I. Circular orbits''
    A. Ernst, A. Just, R. Spurzem (
    Paper: MNRAS, 2009, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Jun 25 08:14:02 MDT 2009 )

  36. ``Two Rapidly Variable Galactic X-ray Transients Observed with Chandra, XMM and Suzaku''
    C. O. Heinke, J. A. Tomsick, F. Yusef-Zadeh, J. E. Grindlay (
    Paper: ApJ, August 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex] (Fri Jun 26 14:50:26 MDT 2009 )

  37. ``Star Formation at the Galactic Center''
    Marco Fatuzzo, and Fulvio Melia (
    Paper: PASP, V121, 880, 585 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Jun 29 07:23:21 MDT 2009 )

  38. ``An analysis of infrared emission spectra from the regions near the Galactic Center''
    Marcella Contini (
    Paper: MNRAS, July 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Jul 15 00:52:02 MDT 2009 )

  39. ``First Spectroscopic Identification of Massive Young Stellar Objects, in the Galactic Center''
    Deokkeun An, Solange V. Ramírez, Kris Sellgren, Richard G. Arendt, A. C. Adwin Boogert, Mathias Schultheis, Susan R. Stolovy, Angela S. Cotera, Thomas P. Robitaille, and Howard A. Smith (
    Paper: ApJL, 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Jul 29 06:21:09 MDT 2009 )

  40. ``Near-infrared Polarimetry of flares from Sgr A* with Subaru/CIAO''
    Shogo Nishiyama, Motohide Tamura, Hirofumi Hatano, Tetsuya Nagata, Tomoyuki Kudo, Miki Ishii, Rainer Schödel, and Andreas Eckart (
    Paper: ApJ, accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Sun Aug 2 19:59:45 MDT 2009 )

  41. ``High angular resolution integral-field spectroscopy of the Galaxy's nuclear cluster: a missing stellar cusp?''
    T. Do, A. M. Ghez, M. R. Morris, J. R. Lu, K. Matthews, S. Yelda, J. Larkin (
    Paper: ApJ, accepted [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Aug 4 12:04:56 MDT 2009 )

  42. ``A Magnetohydrodynamical Model for the Formation of Episodic Jets''
    Feng Yuan, Jun Lin, Kinwah Wu, and Luis C. Ho (
    Paper: MNRAS, 2009, 395, 2183 [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Thu Aug 6 18:05:15 MDT 2009 )

  43. `` MMT Hypervelocity Star Survey''
    Warren R. Brown, Margaret J. Geller, Scott J. Kenyon (
    Paper: ApJ, 2009, 290, 1639 [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Aug 12 10:40:57 MDT 2009 )

    Warren R. Brown, Margaret J. Geller, Scott J. Kenyon Benjamin C. Bromley (
    Paper: ApJ, 2009, 690, L69 [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Aug 12 10:42:54 MDT 2009 )

    Mark J. Reid (
    Paper: International Journal of Modern Physics D, June [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Aug 12 11:25:02 MDT 2009 )

  46. ``Interstellar magnetic fields in the Galactic center region''
    K. Ferrière (
    Paper: A&A, August 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Mon Aug 17 08:04:41 MDT 2009 )

  47. ``An X-Ray Face-on View of the Sgr B Molecular Clouds, Observed with Suzaku''
    Syukyo G. Ryu, Katsuji Koyama, Masayoshi Nobukawa, Ryosuke Fukuoka, and Takeshi Go Tsuru (
    Paper: PASJ Aug 2009 61 [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Tue Aug 18 10:21:00 MDT 2009 )

  48. ``On post-Newtonian orbits and the Galactic-center stars''
    Miguel Preto, Prasenjit Saha (
    Paper: ApJ, Oct 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Aug 19 09:20:48 MDT 2009 )

  49. ``A Trigonometric Parallax of Sgr B2''
    M. J. Reid, K. M. Menten, X. W. Zheng, A. Brunthaler, Y. Xu (
    Paper: submitted to ApJ [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Aug 26 10:35:16 MDT 2009 )

  50. ``Strong mass segregation around a massive black hole''
    Tal Alexander, Clovis Hopman (
    Paper: ApJ, June 2009, 697, 1861 [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Mon Aug 31 12:52:43 MDT 2009 )

  51. ``Spectrum and variability of the Galactic Center VHE gamma -ray source H ESS J1745-290''
    F. Aharonian et al. (
    Paper: A&A, September 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Mon Sep 7 04:17:11 MDT 2009 )

  52. ``The Distribution of Stars and Stellar Remnants at the Galactic Center''
    David Merritt (
    Paper: ApJ, submitted [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Sep 8 10:10:03 MDT 2009 )

  53. ``On the Origin of the 511 keV Emission in the Galactic Centre''
    Reba M. Bandyopadhyay, Joseph Silk, James E. Taylor and Thomas J. Maccarone (
    Paper: MNRAS, 2009, vol. 392 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Sep 15 11:32:16 MDT 2009 )

  54. ``Tidal effects in the vicinity of a black hole''
    Andrej Cadez Uros Kostic Massimo Calvani (
    Paper: proceedings of the Zeldovich Meeting 2009 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Sep 21 03:26:58 MDT 2009 )

  55. ``Enhanced tidal disruption rates from massive black hole binaries''
    Xian Chen, Piero Madau, Alberto Sesana, & F. K. Liu (
    Paper: ApJ, 2009, 697, L149 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Sep 25 11:26:16 MDT 2009 )

  56. ``Radiative Models of Sgr A* from GRMHD Simulations''
    Monika Moscibrodzka, Charles F. Gammie, Joshua C. Dolence, Hotaka Shiokawa, Po Kin Leung (
    Paper: ApJ, Oct 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Tue Oct 6 10:24:23 MDT 2009 )

  57. ``Transition from radiatively inefficient to cooling dominated phase in two temperature accretion discs around black holes''
    Monika Sinha & S. R. Rajesh & Banibrata Mukhopadhyay (
    Paper: accepted in RAA [Abstract, Tex] (Mon Nov 2 12:49:59 MST 2009 )

  58. ``Stellar interactions in dense and sparse star clusters''
    C. Olczak , S. Pfalzner & A. Eckart (
    Paper: A&A, Nov 2009, accepted [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Nov 4 23:29:53 MST 2009 )

  59. ``Hyper Velocity Stars and The Restricted Parabolic 3-Body Problem''
    Re'em Sari, Shiho Kobayashi, Elena M. Rossi (
    Paper: 2009, ApJ, accepted [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Nov 10 15:12:31 MST 2009 )

  60. ``A Multiwavelength View of a Mass Outflow from the Galactic Center''
    C. J. Law (
    Paper: ApJ, 2009, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Nov 12 09:51:15 MST 2009 )

  61. ``Localising the VHE gamma -ray source at the Galactic Centre''
    HESS Collaboration (through Chr. van Eldik) (
    Paper: MNRAS, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Nov 13 04:41:37 MST 2009 )

  62. ``Testing Properties of the Galactic Center Black Hole Using Stellar Orbits''
    David Merritt Tal Alexander Seppo Mikkola Clifford M. Will (
    Paper: [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Nov 24 15:13:29 MST 2009 )

  63. ``A time-dependent jet model for the emission from Sagittarius A*''
    Dipankar Maitra, Sera Markoff & Heino Falcke (
    Paper: A&A Lett., Dec 2009, in [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Nov 26 14:43:00 MST 2009 )

  64. ``Near infrared flares of Sagittarius A* - Importance of near infrared polarimetry''
    M. Zamaninasab, A. Eckart, G. Witzel, M. Dovciak, V. Karas, R. Schödel, R. Giessübel, M. Bremer, M. García-Marín, D. Kunneriath, K. Muvzic, S. Nishiyama, N. Sabha, C. Straubmeier & A. Zensus (
    Paper: A&A, 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Nov 27 10:40:04 MST 2009 )

  65. ``A near-infrared survey of Miras and the distance to the Galactic Centre''
    Noriyuki Matsunaga, Takahiro Kawadu, Shogo Nishiyama, Takahiro Nagayama, Hirofumi Hatano, Motohide Tamura, Ian S. Glass and Tetsuya Nagata (
    Paper: MNRAS, Nov 2009, Volume 399, pp. 1709-1729 [Abstract, Tex] (Fri Nov 27 22:58:22 MST 2009 )

  66. ``Near-Infrared Counterparts to Chandra X-ray Sources Toward the Galactic Center. II. Discovery of Wolf-Rayet Stars and O Supergiants''
    J. C. Mauerhan, M. P. Muno, M. R. Morris, S. R. Stolovy, A. Cotera (
    Paper: ApJ, December 2009, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Sat Dec 5 14:50:07 MST 2009 )

  67. ``Accurate photometry with adaptive optics in the presence of anisoplanatic effects with a sparsely sampled PSF''
    Rainer Schödel (
    Paper: A&A, accepted for publication [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 9 16:20:41 MST 2009 )

  68. ``Peering through the veil: near-infrared photometry and extinction for the Galactic nuclear star cluster''
    R. Schödel F. Najarro K. Muzic A. Eckart (
    Paper: A&A, accepted for publication [Abstract, Tex, Paper, EPrint-Server] (Wed Dec 9 16:21:24 MST 2009 )

  69. ``HST/NICMOS Paschen- alpha Survey of the Galactic Center: Overview''
    Q. D. Wang, H. Dong, A. Cotera, S. Stolovy, M. Morris, C. C. Lang, M. P. Muno, G. Schneider, and D. Calzetti (
    Paper: unknown [Abstract, Tex] (Thu Dec 10 14:21:43 MST 2009 )

  70. ``A Large Scale Survey of X-Ray Filaments in the Galactic Center''
    S. P. Johnson, H. Dong, and Q. D. Wang (
    Paper: 2009MNRAS.399.1429 [Abstract, Tex] (Thu Dec 10 14:22:22 MST 2009 )

  71. ``Constraining the initial mass function of stars in the Galactic Centre''
    U. Löckmann, H. Baumgardt, & P. Kroupa (
    Paper: MNRAS, Okt 2009, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Sat Jan 2 06:48:01 MST 2010 )

  72. ``Nuclear interaction gamma-ray lines from the Galactic center region''
    V. A. Dogiel, V. Tatischeff, K. S. Cheng, D. O. Chernyshov, C. M. Ko, W. H. Ip (
    Paper: A&A 508, 1 (2009) [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Sat Jan 23 23:16:08 MST 2010 )

  73. ``Expanded VLA Detection of 36.2 GHz Class I Methanol Masers in Sagittarius A''
    Loránt O. Sjouwerman, Ylva M. Pihlström, Vincent L. Fish (
    Paper: ApJLett, January 2010 Vol 710 L111 [Abstract, Tex] (Tue Feb 2 15:44:39 MST 2010 )

  74. ``Locating the VHE source in the Galactic Centre with milli-arcsecond accuracy''
    A. Abramowski, S. Gillessen, D. Horns, H.-S. Zechlin (
    Paper: MNRAS, Feb.2010, 2010MNRAS.402.1342A [Abstract, Tex] (Mon Feb 15 08:24:19 MST 2010 )

  75. ``Discovery of a Luminous Blue Variable with an Ejection Nebula Near the Quintuplet Cluster''
    J.C. Mauerhan, M.R. Morris, A. Cotera, H. Dong, Q.D. Wang, S.R. Stolovy, C. Lang, I.S. Glass (
    Paper: ApJL, February 2010, accepted [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Wed Feb 17 18:58:41 MST 2010 )

  76. ``Two New and Remarkable Sightlines into the GC's Molecular Gas''
    T. R. Geballe, T. Oka (
    Paper: ApJ, 709, L70 [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Fri Feb 26 17:36:25 MST 2010 )

  77. ``Concerning the Distance to the Center of the Milky Way and its Structure''
    Daniel J. Majaess (
    Paper: Acta A., vol.60 no.1 (2010) [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Apr 8 05:49:58 MDT 2010 )

  78. ``Dynamical constraints on the origin of the young B-stars in the Galactic center''
    Hagai B. Perets, Alessia Gualandris (
    Paper: arXiv:1004.2703 [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Thu Apr 22 06:37:25 MDT 2010 )

  79. ``Disks in the Arches cluster - survival in a starburst environment''
    A. Stolte, M. R. Morris, A. M. Ghez, T. Do, J. R. Lu, S. A. Wright, C. Ballard, E. Mills, K. Matthews (
    Paper: ApJ, Aug 2010, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Mon Jun 14 06:12:20 MDT 2010 )

  80. ``The Galactic Centre star S2 as a dynamical probe for intermediate-mass black holes''
    A. Gualandris, S. Gillessen, D. Merritt (
    Paper: MNRAS, 2010, in press [Abstract, Tex, EPrint-Server] (Thu Aug 12 08:17:30 MDT 2010 )

  81. ``Tidal breakup of binary stars at the Galactic Center. II., Hydrodynamic simulations''
    Fabio Antonini, James C. Lombardi Jr., David Merritt (
    Paper: ApJ, submitted [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Thu Sep 2 09:47:20 MDT 2010 )

  82. `` The High-Density Ionized Gas in the Central Parsec of the Galaxy''
    Jun-Hui Zhao, Ray Blundell, James M. Moran, Dennis Downes, Karl F. Schuster, Daniel P. Marrone (
    Paper: ApJ (2010), Vol. 722 (October 20, 2010), in press [Abstract, Tex] (Wed Sep 8 12:34:51 MDT 2010 )

  83. ``The Jet in the Galactic Center: An Ideal Laboratory for Magnetohydrodynamics and General Relativity''
    Heino Falcke, Sera Markoff, Geoffrey C. Bower, Charles F. Gammie, Monika Mo'scibrodzka, Dipankar Maitra (
    Paper: [Abstract, Tex] (Thu Oct 28 02:00:28 MDT 2010 )

  84. ``Binaries migrating in a gaseous disk: Where are the Galactic center binaries?''
    C. Baruteau, J. Cuadra and D.N.C. Lin (
    Paper: ApJ, Nov 2010, in press [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Nov 2 08:55:39 MDT 2010 )

  85. ``Mapping photodissociation and shocks in the vicinity of Sgr A^*''
    M. A. Amo-Baladrón J. Martín-Pintado S. Martín (
    Paper: A&A, Oct 2010, accepted [Abstract, Tex, Paper] (Tue Nov 16 11:05:29 MST 2010 )

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