A New Supernova Remnant Candidate and an Associated Outflow in the Sagittarius C Region

Takeshi Go Tsuru (1), Masayoshi Nobukawa (1), Hiroshi Nakajima (2), Hironori Matsumoto (1), Katsuji Koyama (1), Shigeo Yamauchi (3)

(1) Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8502
(2) Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, Toyonaka, Osaka, 560-0043
(3) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Iwate University, 3-18-34 Ueda, Morioka, Iwate 020-8550

Paper: PASJ, Jan 2009

EPrint Server: 0902.1308


We present the Suzaku results on a new candidate of a supernova remnant (SNR) in the Sagittarius C region. We detected diffuse X-rays of an elliptical shape (G 359.41-0.12) and chimney-like structure (the Chimney), both of which are fitted with a thin thermal model of KT 1 keV temperature. The absorption columns are same between these two structures, indicating the both are located at the same distance in the same line of sight. The narrow band image and one-dimensional profile of S-XV K alpha at 2.45 keV show that the Chimney is emanating from G 359.41-0.12. Therefore these two sources are physically connected with each other. The sum of thermal energies of the Chimney and G 359.41-0.12 is estimated to be 1.4* 1050 ergs, typical for a Galactic SNR. G 359.41-0.12 is likely a new SNR candidate and the Chimney is an associated outflow.

Preprints available from the authors at tsuru@cr.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp , or the raw TeX (no figures) if you click here.

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