EVLA Project Book

The VLA Expansion Project: Construction Project Book 

Version 1.00, 2001-06-01

Project Book Editors : M. McKinnon & R. Perley

Project Book Scientific Liaison People : here.

An index of archived versions of the EVLA Project Book is available here.

Table of Contents

  All of the chapters listed below are in PDF format
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1 Introduction  (M. McKinnon) 2006-03-29
2 Science Goals and Technical Requirements  (R. Perley, M. Rupen) 2006-04-20
3 System Overview and Integration - Hardware  (J. Jackson, S. Durand) 2006-03-29
4 Antennas and Feeds   ( J. Ruff, S. Srikanth) 2006-04-04
5 Receivers   (R. Hayward, C. Kutz, B. Willoughby, H. Dinwiddie, P. Lilie, D. Mertely, R. Latasa) 2007-08-27
6 LO / IF System   (T. Cotter) 2007-08-07
7 Fiber Optics System   (S. Durand, D. Gerrard) 2006-03-31
8 Correlator   (B. Carlson, D. Fort, M. Pokorny, B. Rowen) 2007-08-23
9 System Overview and Integration - Software  (B. Butler) 2004-12-08
10 EVLA Monitor and Control System  
(H. BenFrej, B. Clark, W. Koski, R. Moeser, G. Peck, J. Robnett, B. Rowen, K.Ryan, W. Sahr, K. Sowinski, P. Whiteis)
11 Operations and Management - Software   (G. van Moorsel) 2004-11-10
12 Post Processing Plans - Software   (B. Butler, S. Myers) 2004-12-09
13 Transition Plan   (J. Ulvestad, F. Owen) 2006-03-09
14 Schedule and Budget   (M. McKinnon) 2007-08-31


Instructions for EVLA Division Heads and Team Leaders to request Project Book Changes.


++Dates: The date format used here and elsewhere in this project book is based on the international ISO 8061 standard, being given as year-month-day.
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