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The EVLA Construction Project Book

Version 1.00, 2001-06-01

Project Book Editors : P. Napier & R. Perley

Table of Contents

 Chapter Scientific Liaison People
1 Introduction  
2 Science Requirements  
3 System Design B. Clark, D. Thompson
4 Antennas and Feeds M. McKinnon, V. Dhawan, B. Butler
5 Receivers V. Dhawan, J. Magnum, B. Butler
6 IF & Data Transmission System M. Claussen, C. Walker
7 LO System C. Walker, M. Claussen
8 Correlator M. Rupen, J. Romney
9 Control & Monitor System B. Clark, J. Benson
10 Data Management Software F. Owen, A. Bridle, J. Benson
11 Transition Plan  
12 Schedule & Budget