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 SSS Utility Software for Web Applications 


The SSS Utility Software for Web Applications is a collection of java packages that implement common user interface components for use by web based applications. As was the case with our data access software, the model software is completely unaware of the existence of this web utility software.


Our web based applications take advantage of JavaServer Faces (JSF) Technology. Sun claims that JSF1:

simplifies building user interfaces for JavaServer applications. Developers of various skill levels can quickly build web applications by: assembling reusable UI components in a page; connecting these components to an application data source; and wiring client-generated events to server-side event handlers.

By creating these reusable user interface classes and housing them in their own packages we reduce duplication among our web applications and help ensure a common user experience from one tool to the next.

API Documentation

The application programmers' interface for all WebUtil classes may be seen by going to the API overview.

Source Location

The source code for the classes of these packages, the test classes written for them, and all other supporting files are held in a subversion repository (user name and password required).

Jar File

Various versions of the jar files that contain the compiled classes that correspond to this documentation may be found in the Web Util Repository.


The SSS WebUtil Software is dependent on the SSS DAO, Model, and Utility Software. There are also dependencies on third party software. The full set of dependencies may be found in the pom.xml file that we use in our Maven 2 build process. Various versions of these may be found in the Web Util Repository.

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