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 SSS Resource Catalog Tool 


The SSS Resource Catalog Tool (RCT) is a browser based application that allows observers to create and maintain catalogs of resources. The term resource as used here means a selection and configuration of the hardware needed to perform a given observation. The RCT allows observers to explicitly select and configure their hardware. It also lets users avoid direct interaction with hardware related concepts by allowing them to specify their needs in terms of the science requirements of the observation. For example, they might specify a series of spectral windows they want to use, and for each of these specify frequency or velocity resolution, polarization, and things of that nature.

In terms of the look and operation of the catalog itself, it is identical to that of the SSS Source Catalog Tool. A user may add new resources to a catalog, edit resources already contained in a catalog, and remove unwanted resources from a catalog. Via a text based export and import facility, observers can send copies of their catalogs to other observers. The resource catalog also supports the categorization of resources into arbitrary groupings. A resource in a catalog need not to belong to a group; alternatively, a resource can belong to many groups. We anticipate furnishing a read-only catalog(s) that gives hardware configurations for certain common types of observations.

User Manual

The manual is not yet available.

Application Location

A test version of the SSS Instrument Configuration Catalog Tool may be found at You are invited to play with the tool by creating instrument configurations that may later be used to create observations.

API Documentation

You will notice that the application has surprisingly few classes. This is because it relies heavily on the richness of the classes in the building block packages to do much of the needed work. The application programmers' interface for all RCT classes may be seen by going to the API overview.

Source Location

The source code for this application is held in a subversion repository (user name and password required). The files used for providing help messages to users is held in a separate subversion repository.


The SSS Resource Catalog Tool is dependent on the all the SSS Building Block Software, but not on any other SSS Application. It is also dependent on some third party software. The full set of dependencies may be found in the pom.xml file that we use in our Maven 2 build process. Various versions of these may be found in the RCT Repository.

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