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 SSS Observation Scheduling Tool 


The SSS Observation Scheduling Tool (OST) is a desktop application that is used by telescope operators to select an observation for execution. It is a dynamic scheduler. That is, it looks at the pool of waiting scheduling blocks and the current observing conditions and applies a set of heuristics to determine the best choice for execution. It presents this choice to the operator who may then either send it off for execution or put it on hold and select a different scheduling block.

API Documentation

API documentation coming soon...

Source Location

The source code for this application is held in a subversion repository (user name and password required).


The SSS Scheduling Preparation Tool is dependent on the all the SSS Building Block Software, but not on any other SSS Application. It is also dependent on some third party software. The full set of dependencies may be found in the pom.xml file that we use in our Maven 2 build process. Various versions of these may be found in the OST Repository (link coming soon...).

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