First NRAO EVLA Advisory Committee Meeting

Date: June 10-11, 2002

Location: AOC in Socorro, New Mexico



We invite and encourage the community to contact any of the NRAO/EVLA Advisory committee members, if there are concerns about the EVLA.  The committee membership list with accompanying contact information is found  at the end of this page.


Charge of the Committee

An advisory committee consisting of experienced scientists and engineers from outside of the NRAO will advise the NRAO Director on the scientific and technical priorities of the Project. Membership will include representation from the partner countries. This committee will be convened by the Project Scientist and will be chaired by one of its members and will meet once or twice a year. An important function of this committee will be oversight of the software aspects of the EVLA Project, so committee members will be chosen to provide expertise with astronomical software systems.




Advisory Committee Report

Response to Committee Report




Review Documents:


EVLA Project Book

Antenna Block Diagram

CEB Block Diagram

Operational Interface / Software Requirements Specification

Antenna Monitor & Control Subsystem Prelim. Requirements Specification

EVLA Correlator M&C System, Test Software & Backend Software Requirements & Design Concepts

System Requirements Specification / EVLA Correlator Backend


PRESENTATIONS:  (available as Power Point or PDF files)


Introduction and Charge to the Panel  (M. Goss)



Project Overview (P. Napier)



Design Goals and Science Drivers (R. Perley)



System Review



System Overview (J. Jackson/ G. Hunt)



Antennas & Feeds (E. Szpindor)



Receivers (P. Lilie)



LO & IF (T. Cotter)



Fiber Optics (S. Durand)



Correlator (P. Dewdney)




Monitor & Control (W. Sahr)



Data Management and Computing (T. Cornwell)



Phase II Science and Goals (R. Perley)



Phase II Studies and Development (F. Owen)



Phase II Implementation / Funding  (P. Napier)









EVLA Advisory Committee Membership List

Dr. Marco de Vos

Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy


Dwingeloo, 7990 AA

The Netherlands

Dr. Alan Rogers

Haystack Observatory

Westford, MA  01886

Dr. Jacqueline Van Gorkom

Columbia University

Dept of Astronomy

538 W. 120th St.

New York, NY  10027

Dr. John Dreher


Project Phoenix

2035 Landings Drive

Mountain View, CA  94043


Dr. Stephen Scott

Caltech, OVRO

P.O. Box 968

Big Pine, CA  93513

Dr. Sander Weinreb


MS 168-214

Pasadena, CA  91109

Dr. Mark Reid


Center for Astrophysics

Radio and Geoastronomy

60 Garden St., MS 42

Cambridge, MA  02138

Dr. Russ Taylor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Calgary

2500 University Dr. N.W.

Calgary Alberta  T2N 1N4




Dr. Anthony G. Willis

Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory

PO Box 248

Penticton, B.C.




Dr. Luis Rodriguez  (Chair)

Inst de Astronomia UNAM

Apdo Postal 70-264

Mexico City, DF04510



Dr. Steve Thorsett

Astrophysics Department

University of California

1156 High St.

Santa Cruz, CA 95064






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