The 25th New Mexico Symposium

Oral Presentations

Title Speaker Talk
Exoplanetary Circumstellar Environments and Disk Explorer (EXCEDE): A new space telescope concept for NASA's Explorers Program. Dean Hines PPT
Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: Advancing to First Light and New Science Michelle Creech-Eakman PDF
The VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade: Science and Status Jon Romney PPT
36.2 GHz Methanol Masers in Sagittarius A Lorant Sjouwerman PPT
EVLA Observations of the Orion Hot Core: a Taste of the Future. Claire Chandler PPT
Estimating atmospheric dust contributions on Mars from laboratory studies of dust devils Lynn Neakrase PPT*
Dust to Dust: Grain Formation & Evolution in Classical Novae Jillian Bornak PDF
IRAS 19190+1102: A New Water Fountain PPN Fonda Day PPT
Studying Hybrid gamma Doradus/delta Scuti Variable Stars with Kepler Joyce Ann Guzik PPT
Lawbreakers? Faster-than-light polarization currents, the electromagnetic "boom" and pulsar observational data Andrea Schmidt PDF
Probing the TeV Emission and Jet Collimation Regions in M87 Craig Walker PPT
The nature of faint radio sources: insights from a panchromatic approach Maurilio Pannella PDF
The massive red sequence of cluster galaxies at z~1.4 Veronica Strazzullo PDF
Peeling broad band time variable RFI sources Ue-Li Pen PDF

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