The 27th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  14 October 2011 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Posters will be displayed in the SOC Common Room, located on the upper floor at the head of the main staircase. Breaks in the oral program will provide plenty of time for viewing the posters; refreshments will be served in the Common Room during the breaks to induce participants to walk upstairs and look at the posters.
  • Posters 1-12 will have mounting spaces 4 feet wide by 5.5 feet high.
  • Posters 13-16 will have mounting spaces 5 feet wide by 4 feet high.
Poster Program:
Title Authors
1.NESSI: The New Mexico Tech Extrasolar Spectroscopic Survey InstrumentMichael Hrynevych (NMT), Colby Jurgenson (NMT), Fernando Santoro (NMT), Heather Bloemhard (NMT), Michelle Creech-Eakman (NMT), Mark Swain (JPL),Gautam Vasisht (JPL), Peter Deroo (JPL), Luke Schmidt (NMT), Matt Napolitano (NMT)
2.Bootstrapping the Magdalena Ridge Interferometer: Real and Imaginary SimulationsTyler McCracken (NMT/MRO), Fernando Santoro (MRO), Colby Jurgenson (MRO), Alisa Shtromberg (NMT/MRO), Nicolas Torres (MRO), Chuck Dahl (MRO), Chris Haniff (U. of Cambridge), David F. Buscher (U. of Cambridge), John Young (U. of Cambridge)
3.The Expanded Very Large Array: Status and Recent ResultsMichael Rupen (NRAO)
4.Assembly and Testing of AMASING, an Aperture Masking InstrumentLuke Schmidt (NMT)
5.Imaging Geostationary Satellites with Interferometry: Signal-to-Noise ConsiderationsAnders Jorgensen (NMT)
6.Coronal Loop Detection and SeismologyAlexander Pevtsov (NMSU), R.T.J. McAteer, J. Jackiewicz, B. McNamara, B. Calabro
7.Analysis of Vortex Interactions in Jupiter Southern HemisphereRaul Morales-Juberias (NMT)
8.Jovian Stratospheric Dynamics: Modeling Insights from Cassini Observations Cosentino (NMT), S. Coffing (NMT) R. Morales-Juberias (NMT), X. Zhang (Calthech), R. A. West (JPL), T. E. Dowling (UofL), M. Allen (JPL) and Y. L. Yung (Caltech)
9.Connecting Ephemeral Chromospheric Brightenings to Coronal LoopsMichael Kirk, Jason Jackiewicz, James McAteer (NMSU), Ryan Milligan (Queens University)
10.Characterizing the Atmospheres of Transiting Exoplanets with IRTF/SpeXHeather Bloemhard (NMT), Michelle Creech-Eakman (NMT/MRO), Colby Jurgenson (MRO), Fernando Santoro (MRO), Michael Hrynevych (NMT), Mark Swain (NASA JPL), Pieter Deroo (NASA JPL), Ming Zhao (Penn State)
11.Pulsar-driven Jets and the Non-existence of Dark Energy and Matter John Middleditch (LANL-retired)
12.Multi-slit Spectroscopy and Ha Modeling of HALOGAS Targets NGC 4565, NGC 4244, and NGC 891Cat Wu, Rene Walterbos, Richard Rand, George Heald (NMSU), the HALOGAS Team
13.Revealing the Dense Gas Chemistry in the Hidden Galaxy Maffei 2David S. Meier (NMT, NRAO) and Jean L. Turner (UCLA)
14.Star Formation in LITTLE THINGS: HI Line Profile Analysis of Nearby DwarfsPhil Cigan (NMT), Lisa Young (NMT), Deidre Hunter (Lowell Observatory) and the LITTLE THINGS Team
15.Probing the Star Formation-AGN Relationship in Early-Type Galaxies Through Multifrequency EVLA ObservationsK. Nyland (NMT), J. (NRAO), L. Young (NMT), R. Morganti (ASTRON), M. Sarzi (U. of Hertfordshire), M. Cappelarri (U. of Oxford), R. McDermid (NOAO), E. Emsellem (ESO), D. Krajnovic (ESO)
16.A Kiloparsec-Scale Binary Active Galactic Nucleus Confirmed by the Expanded Very Large ArrayH. Fu (Caltech), Z-Y. Zhang (PMO), R.J. Assef (Caltech), A. Stockton (U Hawaii), A.D. Myers (U Wyoming), L. Yan (Caltech), S.G. Djorgovski (Caltech), J.M. Wrobel (NRAO), D.A. Riechers (Caltech)

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