27th Annual New Mexico Symposium

2011 October 14


Heather BloemhardNMT/MROCharacterizing the Atmospheres of Transiting Exoplanets with IRTF/SpeX
Samuel BoninUNM
Jack BrandtUNM
Brandon CalabroNMSU
Claire ChandlerNRAO
Phil CiganNMTStar Formation in LITTLE THINGS: HI Line Profile Analysis of Nearby Dwarfs
Barry ClarkNRAO
Stirling ColgateLLNL and NMIMTEmission from Helical, Force-Free Magnetic Fields, Jets & Radio Lobes
Richard CosentinoNMT
Joe CraigUNMOperations and Commissioning of LWA-1
Patrick CraneRetired
Edward CrawfordUW Retired
Michelle Creech-EakmanNMT/MRO
Gregg CrockettTau Technologies
Travis Crockett
Larry D'AddarioJPL/Caltech
Candy D'Addario
Vivek DhawanNRAO
Helene R. DickelUNM
John R. DickelUNM
Jayce DowellUNM
Vincent DovydaitisASLC
Jean EilekNMTCentaurus A: A Galaxy with a Past
Nicholas EliasNRAO
John FarrellLCOGT
Dave FinleyNRAO
D.A. FrailNRAOOn the Rate of Long Duration Transients in Radio Sky
Miller GossNRAO
Todd HainesLANL
Ryan T. HamiltonNMSUUnderstanding  Abudance Patterns of Cataclysmic Variables in the Near Infrared
Tim HankinsNMT-NRAO
Bob Havlen
Robert HaywardNRAO
Trish HenningUNM
Peter HofnerNMT
Michael HrynevychMRO/NMTNESSI: The New Mexico Tech Extrasolaor Spectoscopic Survey Instrument
Jason JackiewiczNMSUSolar and Stellar Physics Research at New Mexico State University
Jim JacksonNRAO
Anders JorgensenNMTImaging Geostationary Statellites with Interferometry: Signal-to-Noise Considerations
Michael KirkNMSUConnecting Ephemeral Chromospheric Brightenings to Coronal Loops
Leonid KoganNRAO
Roger KoppLANL
Miriam KraussNRAO
Philipp KronbergLANL
Justin LinfordUNMContemporaneous VLBA 5 GHz Observations of LAT-Detected Blazars
Joe MartinicNMT
Josh MarvilNRAO/NMT
David S. MeierNMTRevealing the Dense Gas Chemistry in the Hidden Galaxy Maffei 2
John MiddleditchLANLPulsar-driven Jets and the Non-existence of Dark Energy and Matter
Amy MioduszewskiNRAOEvolution of colliding wind in high mass binary Cyg OB2#5 (T)
Mark McCoyNMT
Tyler McCrackenNMT/MROBootstrapping the Magdalena Ridge Interferometer: Real and Imaginary Simulations
Travis McIntyreUNM
Raul Morales-JuberiasNMTAnalysis of Vortex Interactions in Jupiter Southern Hemisphere
Kristina NylandNMTProbing the Star Formation-AGN Relationship in Early-Type Galaxies Through Multifrequency EVLA Oservations
Juergen OttNRAOFeeding and Feedback: Molecular Gas in the Central Molecular Zone
Frazer OwenNRAO
Grady OwensNew Mexico Skies
Patrick PalmerUniversity of Chicago
Maria T PattersonNMSUThe HALOGAS Survey: HI Observations and Modeling of NGC 5055 and NGC 4258
Rick PerleyNRAOAn accurate flux density scale from 1 to 50 GHz
Alexander PevtsovNMSUCoronoal Loop Detection and Seismology
Jonathan RomneyNRAO
Viviana RoseroNMT
Nirupam RoyNRAOResults from Galactic HI absorption survey
Michael RupenNRAOThe Expanded Very Large Array: Status and Recent Results
Eileen RyanNMT/MRO
Luke SchmidtNMTAssembly and Testing of AMASING, an Apeture Masking Insrument
Jiahe SiNMTThe Instrumental Implementation of the NMIMT Alpha-Omega Dynamo: The Omega-Phase
Sue SimkinMSU-NRAO Retired
Kenneth SowinskiNRAO
Jason SpeightsNMTObservational Evidence Against Rigid Spiral Patterns in NGC 1365 and NGC 3031
Gustaaf van MoorselNRAO
Urvashi Rao VenkataNRAO
R. Craig WalkerNRAO
Sander WeinrebCaltechFuture of the VLA
Dave WestpfahlNMT
Stephen WhiteAFRL
Joan WrobelNRAOA Kiloparsec-Scale Binary Active Galactic Nucleus Confirmed by the Expanded Very Large Array
Cat WuNMSUMulti-slit Spectroscopy and Ha Modeling of HALOGAS Targets NGC 4565, NGC 4244, and NGC 891
Lisa YoungNMT
Laura ZschaechnerUNMHALOGAS: Observations and Modeling of the nearby edge-on spiral galaxies NGC 4244 and NGC 4565