The 27th Annual New Mexico Symposium
  14 October 2011 - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Location: Unless otherwise stated the meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Science Operations Center (SOC) at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The SOC is located on the campus of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico. The posters will be in the common room located on the upper floor of the SOC. The Fidel Center is located on NMT campus next to Workman. The oral presentations are scheduled for 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

9:00-9:05Welcome Dale Frail (NRAO)
9:05-9:25Observational Evidence Against Rigid Spiral Patterns in NGC 1365 and NGC 3031Jason Speights (NMT)
9:25-9:45The HALOGAS Survey: HI Observations and Modeling of NGC 5055 and NGC 4258Maria Patterson (NMSU)
9:45-10:05HALOGAS: Observations and Modeling of the nearby edge-on spiral galaxies NGC 4244 and NGC 4565Laura Zschaechner (UNM)
10:05-10:45Break and Posterscommon room
10:45-11:05Future of the VLASander Weinreb (JPL/Caltech)
11:05-11:25An accurate flux density scale from 1 to 50 GHzRick Perley (NRAO)
11:25-11:45Operations and Commissioning of LWA-1Joe Craig (UNM)
11:45-12:05Status Update on the Magdalena Ridge Observatory InterferometerMichelle Creech-Eakman (NMT/MRO)
12:05-1:35 Lunch
1:35-1:55Centaurus A: A Galaxy with a PastJean Eilek (NMT)
1:55-2:15Contemporaneous VLBA 5 GHz Observations of LAT-Detected BlazarsJustin Linford (UNM)
2:15-2:35Emission from Helical, Force-Free Magnetic Fields, Jets \& Radio LobesStirling Colgate (LLNL/NMIMT)
2:35-2:55The Instrumental Implementation of the NMIMT Alpha-Omega Dynamo: the Omega-PhaseJiahe Si (NMT)
2:55-3:35Break and Posterscommon room
3:35-3:55Feeding and Feedback: Molecular Gas in the Central Molecular ZoneJuergen Ott (NRAO)
3:55-4:15Results from Galactic HI absorption surveyNirupam Roy (NRAO)
4:15-4:35On the Rate of Long Duration Transients in Radio SkyDale Frail (NRAO)
4:35-4:55Understanding Abundance Patterns of Cataclysmic Variables in the Near InfraredRyan Hamilton (NMSU)
4:55-5:15Solar and Stellar Physics Research at New Mexico State UniversityJason Jackiewicz (NMSU)
5:30-8:00Cocktails and Dinner Fidel Center
8:00-9:00Jansky Lecture Workman 101

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