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Tenured Astronomer
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Socorro, NM

Office: Rm 376 (upstairs, end of NE wing)
Phone: (575) 835-7294

Last update: 23 Jul 2020
  NRAO has announced the Jansky VLA Sky Survey (VLASS) initiative for a community-defined new generation radio synoptic sky survey, and the Next Generation VLA (ngVLA) proposal for a new high-frequency optimized large centimeter-wave array nucleated around and extending from the current Jansky VLA.
  As of September 1, 1999, this is my new location at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico, home of the Array Operations Center for the Very Large Array. From Nov 2002 to Jan 2010 I was the NRAO CASA Project Scientist. From 1-Nov-2006 to 8-Jun-2007 I was on sabbatical as the Orson Anderson Scholar at the IGPP at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  I am currently in Scientific Support at the NAASC and for the Janksy VLA
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Steven T. Myers

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
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