Steven T. Myers, Staff Scientist
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro NM

Office: AOC 376
Phone: (505) 836-7294

Last updated 4 May 2005

Quick Bio: 
Born:  1962 Waterloo, Iowa
Undergrad:  University of Iowa (1980-1984)
PhD:  Caltech (1984-1990)
Postdoc: Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (1990-1992)
Postdoc: Millikan Fellow, Caltech (1992-1995)
Assistant Professor: University of Pennsylvania (1995-1999)
Staff Scientist: NRAO (1999-now)
1984James A. Van Allen Physics Award, University of Iowa
1990Jesse Greenstein Prize, California Institute of Technology
1997Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship

If I were to identify a common thread running through my research interests, it would be the use of astronomical observations to constrain and test cosmological models. My aim, through a series of experiments, it to determine the fundamental cosmological parameters and to explore the fossil record of the early universe as regards the process of galaxy and star formation. I have used primarily the tools of radio astronomy to work towards these ends - centimeter and millimeter-wave interferometry and radiometry in particular - as I have conducted a series of observational programs to detect anisotropy in the microwave background, to measure the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect from clusters of galaxies, to find a large number of new gravitational lens systems suitable for cosmological studies, and to survey the sky at millimeter wavelengths searching for the signature of dust-enshrouded primaeval galaxies. I am also interested in the theoretical issues relevant to the use of these observations to measure quantities of cosmological interest. My work has also taken me to the boundary between the experimental, observational, and the theoretical realms of astrophysics, where the tools of computer aided visualisation, numerical simulation of large-scale structure, and the computation of semi-analytic models has been the crucial explorational tool, much as the telescope has been on the observational side. My most significant new projects are the CLASS gravitational lens survey, and the Cosmic Background Imager.

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Steven T. Myers

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Steven T. Myers