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Submitted or in press
Sievers, J.S., et al. (2009) Cosmological Results from Five Years of 30 GHz CMB Intensity Measurements with the Cosmic Background Imager submitted to ApJ (2009); arXiv:0901.4540 (astro-ph)
Mason, B.S., et al. (2009) A 31 GHz Survey of Low-Frequency Selected Radio Sources submitted to ApJ (2009); arXiv:0901.4330 (astro-ph)
Dickinson, C., et al. (2009) Anomalous Microwave Emission from the HII region RCW175 ApJ, 690, 1585-1589 (2009); arXiv:0807.3985 (astro-ph)
Boyce, E.R., et al. (2007) J0316+4328: a Probable "Asymmetric Double" Lens MNRAS, 381, L55-L59 (2007); arXiv:0707.2679 (astro-ph)
Mahdavi, A., et al. (2007) Joint Analysis of Cluster Observations: I. Mass Profile of Abell 478 from Combined X-ray, Sunyaev-Z'eldovich, and Weak Lensing Data ApJ, 664, 162-180 (2007); astro-ph/0703372
Sievers, J.L., et al. (2007) Implications of the Cosmic Background Imager Polarization Data ApJ, 660, 976-987 (2007); astro-ph/0509203
Helmboldt, J.F., et al. (2007) The VLBA Imaging and Polarimetry Survey at 5 GHz ApJ, 658, 203-216 (2007); astro-ph/0611459
Myers, S.T., et al. (2006) Interferometric polarimetry of the comic microwave background: Methodology New Astronomy Reviews, 50, 951-959 (2006); preprint version here
Boyce, E.R. et al. (2006) The Extragalactic Lens VLBI Imaging Survey (ELVIS). I. A Search for the Central Image in the Gravitational Lens PMN J1838-3427 ApJ, 648, 73-80 (2006); astro-ph/0605178
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York, T. et al. (2005) CLASS B0631+519: last of the Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey lenses MNRAS, 361, 259-271 (2005); astro-ph/0505093
G.B. Taylor, et al. (2005) VLBA Imaging Polarimetry of Active Galactic Nuclei: An Automated Approach ApJS, 159, 27-40 (2005); astro-ph/0503234
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McKean, J.P., et al. (2005) CLASS B2108+213: a new wide-separation gravitational lens system MNRAS, 356, 1009-1016 (2005); astro-ph/0410554
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Readhead, A.C.S., et al. (2004a) Extended mosaic observations with the Cosmic Background Imager ApJ, 609, 498-512 (2004); astro-ph/0402359
Mason, B.S., et al. (2003) The anisotropy of the microwave background to l=3500: Deep field observations with the Cosmic Background Imager ApJ, 591, 540-555 (2003); astro-ph/0205384
Pearson, T.J., et al. (2003) The anisotropy of the microwave background to l=3500: Mosaic observations with the Cosmic Background Imager ApJ, 591, 556-574 (2003); astro-ph/0205388
Myers, S.T., et al. (2003) A Fast Gridded Method for the Estimation of the Power Spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background from Interferometer Data with Application to the Cosmic Background Imager ApJ, 591, 575-598 (2003); astro-ph/0205385
Sievers, J.L., et al. (2003) Cosmological parameters from Cosmic Background Imager observations and comparisons with BOOMERANG, DASI, and MAXIMA ApJ, 591, 599-622 (2003); astro-ph/0205387
Myers, S.T., et al. (2003) The Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey - I. Source selection and observations MNRAS, 341, 1-12 (2003); astro-ph/0211073
Browne, I.W.A, et al. (2003) The Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey - II. Gravitational lens candidate selection and follow-up MNRAS, 341, 13-32 (2003); astro-ph/0211069
Biggs, A.D., et al. (2003) B0850+054: a new gravitational lens system from CLASS MNRAS, 338, 1084-1088 (2003); astro-ph/0210504
Argo, M.K., et al. (2003) CLASS B0445+123: a new two-image gravitational lens system MNRAS, 338, 957-961 (2003); astro-ph/0210234
Chae, K.-H., et al. (2002) Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from the Analysis of the Cosmic Lens All Sky Survey Radio-Selected Gravitational Lens Statistics PRL, 89, 151301 (2002); astro-ph/0209602
Rusin, D., et al. (2002) High-resolution observations and mass modelling of the CLASS gravitational lens B1152+199 MNRAS, 330, 205-211 (2002); astro-ph/0110099
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Bond, J.R., Myers, S.T. (1996a) The Peak-Patch Picture of Cosmic Catalogs. I. Algorithms ApJS, 103, 1-39 (1996)
Bond, J.R., Myers, S.T. (1996b) The Peak-Patch Picture of Cosmic Catalogs. II. Validation ApJS, 103, 41-62 (1996)
Bond, J.R., Myers, S.T. (1996c) The Peak-Patch Picture of Cosmic Catalogs. III. Application to Clusters ApJS, 103, 63-79 (1996)
Myers, S.T., et al. (1995) 1608+656: A Quadruple-Lens System Found in the CLASS Gravitational Lens Survey ApJL, 447, L5-L8 (1995)
Snellen, I.A.G., et al. (1995) Radio Observations of the Quadruple Lens 1608+656 ApJL, 447, L9-L12 (1995)
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Myers, S.T., Spangler, S.R. (1985) Synchrotron aging in the lobes of luminous radio galaxies ApJ, 291, 52-62 (1985)
Spangler, S.R., Myers, S.T., Pogge, J.J. (1984) VLA observations of radio galaxies with extended lobe emission - 3C 79 and 3C 430 AJ, 89, 1478-1486 (1984)

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