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I've divided these links up into two broad categories, Media and Fandom.  Media is news and information, Fandom is the fun stuff - comic books, roleplaying games, science fiction, anime, etc. They're listed in a loose sense of order, kind of clumped together by type.  Maybe I'll feel industrious at some point in the future and actually break them down into seperate, more specific lists. When I do that I'll also put in the mountain of other links I have that aren't here, these are just the websites I visit on a regular basis.

Off on the side are links to the webpages I have created myself for things I'm interested in, both roleplaying games. The Torg pages are located on another site, when I was hired to write a new edition of the rulebook for the game I had to remove them from this site because it became an "outside business interest" instead of just a hobby.  The DC Heroes pages have not been updated in a long time but I'm keeping them around as there is still some interest in the material I put together.

And there's also a link to SETI@Home, which has been running on my home PCs for many years now.
About Me
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