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Age: just shy of being a Baby Boomer, a little too old to be Generation X
Place of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico (though I've never lived there)
Current Residence: Socorro, New Mexico
Height: around six feet tall        Weight: about what it should be
Hair: usually needs combing        Eyes: hidden behind glasses
Blood Type: B+, if I had studied harder maybe I'd have an A
Education: everything I need to know I learned from comic books, science fiction and roleplaying games. But since that doesn't really cut it in the real world, I got a degree in physics with a specialization in astrophysics from New Mexico Tech in 1989.
Employment: I am the lead operator of the Very Long Baseline Array, an array of radio telescopes operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  "Lead operator" may sound somewhat important but all it really means is I've been here the longest and I have a few additional duties and responsibilities.

Why the nickname "Kansas Jim" if you're in New Mexico?

Before coming (back) to New Mexico for college, I was living in Kansas. While in college I received an Indiana Jones fedora as a Christmas present one year and I took to wearing it all the time, which prompted one of my friends to coin the nickname Kansas Jim. When I first went online (way back in 1989) it was common practice (and still is for the most part) to go by a nickname, so I used the one I had and I've been using it ever since. 
About Me
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