Welcome to my newly redesigned website. It looks a lot fancier than the previous one but I'm cheating, it's all based on templates that came with a program called SiteSpinner, as the lil' logo down in the lower left corner attests.  For years I tried designing the pages myself but let's face it, they were plain and boring. Now they're cookie-cutter layouts and still boring!  Maybe in another five years I'll move up to doing a blog....

So what's the deal with that title?

It's an odd one, ain't it?  It popped into my head when I was contemplating this redesign, that's all. It is relevant I guess, I am a radio telescope operator and I'll hit the big 4-0 this year (meaning 2006). How much of a portrait you'll get from these pages I can't say, unless you want an actual portrait in which case you can find a somewhat recent picture in the About Me section.

Are you the guy they call Kansas Jim?

I do go by that name in most of my online endeavours.  If you are here looking for Torg material you need to visit my other website.  If you want an explanation for why I use that name, check About Me.

What's been updated recently?

Everything!  Well, content wise almost nothing, but every page has been redesigned with the new look.
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My telescopes don't usually look like this.
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