Given my lifelong interest in comic books, it was only natural that I'd gravitate towards superhero roleplaying games. My first exposure was to TSR's Marvel Superheroes RPG. While I had a lot of fun with it, I quickly outgrew its relatively simple game mechanics. Champions, on the other hand, was too complicated and too much like a wargame for my tastes. Fortunately for me, Mayfair came out with DC Heroes, which is still IMO one of the best one available for the genre.
    DC Heroes is unfortunately no longer in print, thoiugh its mechanics live on in the Blood of Heroes RPG, produced by Pulsar Games.  A new DC Universe RPG had been released by West End Games but it did not use the same mechanics as DC Heroes.  It too is now dead.

I haven't run a DCH campaign in several years though, so I don't have much material here on my website that wasn't here three or four years ago - if you've stopped by to see if there's anything new you're probably out of luck (unless it's been a very long time since you stopped by!) I do occasionally check and update the links here, so if you haven't already, be sure to check out the links below to other websites concerning DC Heroes.
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Mayfair DC Heroes and everything associated with it is probably copyrighted or trademarked or something like that by DC Comics and possibly Mayfair Games, though I suppose Pulsar Games is probably the company with the rights to the game mechanics now instead of Mayfair. But they don't have a company logo so I'm keeping the Mayfair one here for now!

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