The Daily Planet was a series of Mayfair ads that ran from issues 124 through 139 of TSR's DRAGON magazine. I do not have a copy of 126 so I don't know what ran in that one but I have all the rest. Much of the material was previews for second edition sourcebooks and modules and there aren't too many differences from what was published but I didn't check every writeup closely so there may be some minor differences in some of the writeups.

The ads also contained release dates for DC Heroes products and conventions that Mayfair would be appearing at. Since this is obviously of no use today I'm not including it here.

DRAGON also ran the occasional article for DC Heroes, which I have included here. I have excerpted portions from some of these articles to the list and also put them up here on my website.

Dragon 124: Wonder Woman - not the final 2nd edition writeup, most noticable in writeup for bracelets and lasso which are done in 1st edition gadgetry rules format.

Dragon 125: Superman - not even close to final 2nd edition writeup, attributes are very different and powers are much more complicated (its an attempt to literally translate Byrne's "solar battery" and "telekinetic strength" description of Superman into game mechanics.)

Dragon 126: contest winning gadget writeups, Control Bug and Stargate. Also a writeup of the Batcomputer. (Thanks to George for the info on this issue!)

Dragon 127: Captain Boomerang - boomerangs use 1st edition gadgetry rules.

Dragon 128: Laurel Kent - scaled down to match the power levels of the Superman writeup in issue 125.

Dragon 129: Rick Flag Jr.

Dragon 130: Dr. Sivana (Roy Thomas mini-series version.)

Dragon 131: The Question.

Dragon 132: [April Fool's issue of The Daily Planet] Clark Kent's glasses (Illusion - 184 APs!), silly time travel rules. ARTICLE:A Little Less Super, a random HP point table for character generation.

Dragon 133: Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond/Mikhail Arkadin version.)

Dragon 134: checklist of available products.

Dragon 135: Manhunter (Mark Shaw version) - power baton writeup not included. ARTICLE: Just How Big Is This Bomb?, area APs and explosives.

Dragon 136: Plastic Man.

Dragon 137: Shado.

Dragon 138: Amanda Waller, Superspeed rules from the City of Fear module.

Dragon 139: Joker. ARTICLE: A Gamer's Guide to DC Heroes, character index for all first edition DC Heroes products.

DRAGON magazine is trademarked by Wizards of the Coast, Inc and they'd probably spank me for not telling you that, so I did.

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