Copied from the first edition DC Heroes' Players Manual. There are a few differences in the 2nd/3rd edition Distance Benchmarks charts which can be found at the bottom of the page.
 APs  Speed/Distance

  1   Normal person walking or swimming
  2   Olympic swimmer
  3   Long-distance runner, supertanker
  4   Bicycle, seal swimming
  5   Horse galloping, speed skater
  6   Major League Baseball fastball, Jeep
  7   Sports car
  8   Fastest boat
  9   Passenger airline jet
 11   Fastest jet
 12   Air-to-air missle
 14   ICBM, space shuttle
 15   Comet
 16   Toledo to Detroit
 17   Fastest space vehicle, Atlanta to Birmingham
 18   Buffalo to Boston
 19   Chicago to New York City
 21   New York City to San Francisco
 22   Radius of the Earth
 23   Buenos Aires to Shanghai
 24   Circumference of the Earth
27-28 Earth to Moon
 29   Speed of light
 33   Light minute
 35   Sun to Mercury
 36   Sun to Venus
 37   Sun to Earth (Astronomical Unit)
 39   Sun to Saturn, light hour
 40   Sun to Uranus
41-42 Sun to Pluto
 44   Light day
 47   Light week
 49   Light month
 52   Light year
 55   Parsec, Sun to Alpha Centauri
 57   Sun to Vegan System
 67   Sun to center of Milky Way galaxy 
 69   Diameter of the Milky Way galaxy

2nd/3rd edition DC Heroes puts the speed of light as 28 APs instead of 29 APs, a light year as 51 APs instead of 52 APs and the Vegan System (Tamaran) as 58 APs away instead of 57 APs. By my calculations 29 APs is the correct value for the speed of light. I don't know how far away the Vegan system actually is though. 

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