This table is adapted from an article written for first edition DC Heroes in Dragon Magazine #132. The original table had HP values twice as high as those shown here.

Each player rolls on the table and adds the extra HPs to the base 450 HPs used in character creation in addition to any points from Drawbacks, Background, Description and Personality writeups.

The Origin Background is a generic description meant to give provide some inspiration for players who have not yet thought up an origin for their character. If the player has already throught up an origin they can ignore what the table says.

 Roll    Extra HPs       Origin background

 1- 7       none         No extraordinary origin
 8-11    1d10 x  5       Unexplained origin (minor)
12-15    2d10 x 50       Unexplained origin (major)
16-23    special         Multi-origin: roll 1d10, then 
                           roll that many times on this table
                           and combine the results.
24-27         25         Crime victim (minor)
28-31        500         Crime victim (major)
32-35        125         Mutation (minor)
36-39        400         Mutation (major)
40-43        200         "Chosen One" (minor)
44-47      2,500         "Chosen One" (major)
48-51         35         Archaeological origin (minor)
52-55        950         Archaeological origin (major)
56-59         45         Personal injury (minor)
60-63        650         Personal injury (major)
64-67        150         Serendipitous origin (minor)
68-71        750         Serendipitous origin (major)
72-75         40         Industrial accident (minor)
76-79        600         Industrial accident (major)
80-83         75         Scientific origin (minor)
84-87        550         Scientific origin (major)
88-91        100         Mystic heritage (minor)
92-95      1,000         Mystic heritage (major)
96-98        250         Other-world origin (minor)
99-00      5,000         Other-world origin (major)

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