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A Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
Currently edited by Sera Markoff, Loránt Sjouwerman, Joseph Lazio, Cornelia Lang, Rainer Schödel, Masaaki Sakano & Feng Yuan
email: gcnews@aoc.nrao.edu

NOTE: this newsletter has been discontinued since 2011 in favor of astro-ph


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GCNews is subscribed to by more than 300 astronomers and contains abstracts of recently submitted papers as well as a few original articles which revolve around the Galactic Center (GC). GCNEWS features articles on the GC which are of general interest, information about upcoming conferences and other news related to the GC. The Newsletter appears quarterly in printable form and as Web-pages - a Newsflash is distributed by email whenever new abstracts are received. See the following links for more descriptions and examples.

The November 2008 Newsletter is available here:
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The invited articles featured in GCNEWS are also available at ADS.

What is GCNEWS?

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What is GCNEWS?

The GC Newsletter was born out of a lunch conversation at the 1996 ESO/CTIO Galactic Center workshop (see NOAO Newsletter report) and was launched in May 1996. GCNews is aimed at astronomers and astrophysicists with a research interest in the Center of the Galaxy. We collect and publish abstracts of recent papers and other potentially interesting information for this exciting and fast developing field on a regular basis. The aim is to provide a simple tool to collect and help you sort through relevant information and papers on the Galactic Center which may otherwise get lost in the pile of papers published every month in astronomy. We also hope to provide a way for you to learn about papers of interest prior to actual publication which have been submitted to (or accepted by) a recognized journal or conference.

Right now we offer a free Newsletter distributed in PostScript form to subscribers, and an electronic version at this Web-page that contains all abstracts received during the previous months, special announcements (e.g. conferences/jobs), and possibly a short editorial article. In addition we offer a Newsflash service for those who cannot wait, and distribute new abstracts on a regular basis by email.

Historically, the first call for papers, abstracts and subscriptions was sent out on April 16. 1996 and you can subscribe and submit abstracts ever since. The project has matured quite successfully and now a substantial fraction of the Galactic Center community has subscribed to the service and submits papers.

Submission is very simple and informal, i.e. a simple email with the (La)TeX-code (or even plain ASCII from your favourite wordprocessor) of the paper that contains the abstract will usually be enough (see below). Any suggestions and comments or questions are highly welcome and should be directed to gcnews@aoc.nrao.edu.

Currently we do not intend to store whole papers or figures (even though the full TeX Source code may be available for a limited time here). For this purpose the xxx-eprint server is much better equipped. We will, however, include at this web site links to all papers available over the net, and provide the necessary information in the Newsletter to obtain the papers electronically.

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  • The GCNEWS Logo at the top of this page shows a 20cm radio map of the GC (Sgr A) made by Yusef-Zadeh & Morris.
  • The GCNEWS newsletters, newsflashes and web pages are based on scripts originally developed by Heino Falcke.
  • Internet access for GCNEWS is currently sponsored by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro NM/USA.
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