UV Coverages for Hypothethetical Arrays

I get occasional requests to look at the uv coverage provided by some hypothetical VLBI array.  I can answer these requests rather easily using software developed for the VLBA configuration study (getting rather old by now, but it works).  Thinking that some of these might be of somewhat general interest, I am putting them on the pages linked below.

---------------------------- NMA ---------------------------

An early NMA configuration:  A look at the UV coverage for the VLA + NMA + VLBA in various combinations. This is for an the hypothetical configuation that was being used at about the time the Phase 1 proposal was submitted.

My best NMA as of Dec 2001:  These are UV plots for my favorite NMA configuration as of Dec 2001. It has only one site not on known fiber lines. Note that this is no longer the current favorite.

NMA of Nov. 2002: This is the favorite NMA configuration as of Nov. 2002. It is assumed that the Los Alamos VLBA antenna will have to be moved, and that it will be difficult to get on the Rio Grande Valley fibers.

---------------------------- Other ---------------------------

VLBA + Gill Creek.  This looks at the advantages of using the NASA geodesy antenna near Fairbanks.

VLBA + southern sites   Looking at the VLBA plus antennas far to the south to show how the N/S coverage could be improved.