NRAO AOC Colloquium Series: Spring 2005

Colloquia are held in the auditorium of the Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico. All are welcome, but the talks generally assume a good grounding in research astronomy.

Talks are usually scheduled for 11am local time on Fridays; those which are not are indicated in red.

Current Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2005

14 Jan 2005
No Colloquium
AAS Meeting: Jan 9-13, San Diego
21 Jan 2005
"The Submillimeter Array Project"
Speaker: Paul Ho, CfA
Host: Vincent Fish
28 Jan 2005
"The Microarsecond Structure of Quasars Viewed Through the Interstellar Telescope"
Speaker: Jean-Pierre Macquart, NRAO
Host: Dale A. Frail
04 Feb 2005
"Gamma Ray Bursts: A Puzzle Being Resolved"
Speaker: Tsvi Piran, Hebrew University/Caltech
Host: Dale A. Frail
11 Feb 2005
"Hittin' the Pulsar Jackpot in Terzan 5 with the GBT"
Speaker: Scott Ransom, NRAO
Host: Walter Brisken
18 Feb 2005
"Astronomy Policy 2005"
Speaker: Kevin Marvel, AAS
Host: Jim Ulvestad
25 Feb 2005
"An Extinction Threshold for Star Formation in Ophiuchus"
Speaker: Doug Johnstone, NRC-Canada
Host: Yancy Shirley
04 Mar 2005
"The Main Event: A Three Round Fight with Sagittarius A*"
Speaker: Geoff Bower, Berkeley
Host: Miller Goss
11 Mar 2005
"High Resolution Spectroscopy & Imaging of Protoplanetary Disks"
Speaker: Geoff Blake, Caltech
Host: Bryan Butler
18 Mar 2005
No Colloquium
NRAO Spring Holiday
25 Mar 2005
"New Insights into Quasar Wind Structure"
Speaker: Sarah Gallagher, UCLA
Host: Joan Wrobel
01 Apr 2005
"Recent Research in Radio Source Jets, Lobes, and their Relation to the Physics of the Intergalactic Medium."
Speaker: Phil Kronberg, LANL
Host: Frazer Owen
08 Apr 2005
"Measuring the Topology of Reionization: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble."
Speaker: Steven Furlanetto, Caltech
Host: Dale A. Frail
15 Apr 2005
"WMAP Microwave Emission Interpreted as Dark Matter Annihilation in the Inner Galaxy"
Speaker: Doug Finkbeiner, Princeton
Host: Steve Myers
22 Apr 2005
"The Missing Baryons in the Local Universe"
Speaker: Joel Bregman, Michigan
Host: Vivek Dhawan
29 Apr 2005
"Testing the Standard Cosmological Paradigm using CMB data"
Speaker: Ben Wandelt, University of Illinois
Host: Steve Myers
06 May 2005
"Hidden Black Holes in the Young Universe"
Speaker: Meg Urry, Yale
Host: Jim Ulvestad
13 May 2005
Speaker: TBD
Host: TBD

If you would like to talk with the speaker, send email to the local host. If you are the speaker, and need to talk to someone, try either your local host or one of the current colloquium chairs. We are always on the lookout for suggestions for future speakers.

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